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Cocktails of Copenhagen is blog about signature craft cocktails and top bars in Copenhagen. The blog is run by a fanatic group of passionate cocktail enthusiasts. We tirelessly sweep the city to cover the best bars and write about unique, out-of-the-ordinary cocktail experiences.

As Copenhagen has developed into a mature cocktail scene through the past decade creativity has increasingly become the norm among a generation of bartenders who have assimilated the tradition and mastered the discipline of mixing drinks. These bartenders display their ingenuity in the cocktail bars of Copenhagen, offering their guests original taste experiences masterfully crafted through the means of balance, texture, synergy and appealing presentation.

Our blog is a tribute to craftmanship and a testament to the fact, that the unique skills and creativity characterizing the recent movement within new nordic kitchen is also manifesting in the leading cocktail bars of Copenhagen.

Write us and let us know of craft cocktails from the city you think we should feature on the site and help us put Copenhagen on the map!


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