Across the Equator - an aquavit cocktail from Duck and Cover in Copenhagen

Across the Equator

Matured at sea

In 1805 the Norwegian trade family Lysholm shipped aquavit to the East Indies. As no one would buy it, the aquavit was sailed back to Norway. On its return in 1807 it was discovered that the sea voyage had made to aquavit much smoother and more tasteful.

“Across the Equator” from Duck and Cover is a tasty tribute to this revelation, the consequence of which has been, that still today every bottle of Linie aquavit is being sailed across the equator to mature at sea.

Across the Equator - an aquavit cocktail from Duck and Cover in Copenhagen

3 cl Linie aquavit
3 cl Sweet madeira
0,5 cl Pernod Absinth
1 cl Sugar syrup

All ingredients are stirred and served in a rock glass over ice with a lemon twist. Saltwater is sprayed on top to enhance flavors and accentuate the maritime aspects of the Linie aquavit.

This wonderfully simple mix by Kasper Riewe Henriksen and Rasmus Poulsgaard yields an interesting and complex result. Inspired by the recent double aging of Linie in madeira casks the traditional Linie is sweetened with madeira which is balanced with the dry liquorice notes of the absinth and aquavit. It’s all kept fresh and tight with some lemon zest.

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