An Old Fashioned fit for a Saint

Meet ‘George’ at Kyros & Co.

Every time you walk into a bar and order an Old Fashioned, you enter the ultimate comfort zone. You know what you are getting, the bartenders know what they are doing and if there is any conversation, it’s all about your choice of spirit.

There are bars that proclaim their own twists – shrubs, Benedictine, tequila… almost everything gets a green light when modifying the classic. At Kyros & Co., you can be sure that if an Old Fashioned is on your mind, you are in for a treat. “George”, as he is colloquially known among the staff, will have you in his grasp for the entire evening.

As does every other Old Fashioned, George arrives to stand proudly before you, albeit wearing a mysterious veil. He possesses an enchantingly sophisticated aroma — ripe fruits and caramel tickle your nose with gentle intensity– and you notice yourself already falling into his arms.


45 ml Michter’s Straight Rye
15 ml Hampden Single Estate Rum 47%
7.5 ml Caramelized Muscovado Sugar with Salt & MSG
1 bar spoon Walnut, Coffee, Cocoa, Orange Bitters


Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass until properly diluted. Pour into a lowball glass over a large ice cube. No garnish needed.

The first sip intoxicates, not only because of the alcoholic content of the spirits but because the flavours are positively ferocious. Muscovado sugar’s aggressive sweetness creates a syrupy texture, and together with which the fruity esters of the Hampden rum, a rich florality dances across your mouth.

The choice of a fairly complex mix of bitters — a concocted combination of walnut, coffee, cocoa, and orange — complements the drink’s sophisticated balance and enhances the main body of the drink that Mitcher’s Rye provides.

Perhaps you believe this should give you a good overview of the drink. You identified the spirits, the sugar, and the bitters. But there’s still something that doesn’t add up.

“We caramelise the muscovado with salt and MSG”, reveals the bartender — and everything falls into place. Each flavor’s intensity is magnificently enhanced. Spice and seasoning is an old trick, and there’s a reason it works.

George is a great opener for a fantastic night. You might mingle with a couple of different drinks, maybe at a couple of different venues, but when it is time to go back home, you will wish that George was by your side. Maybe the bar is still open?

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Jiri Malis
Pretending to be a flamboyant aficionado behind the bar during the weekend, pretentiously scribbling about cocktails the rest of the week. Is your cocktail not good enough? Add more port wine!