Aurimas Mul

A taste for competition

Aurimas was born in Lithuania but has traveled Europe quite a bit. Business studies brought him to the UK, a job at the European Parliament to Brussels until he finally moved to Copenhagen (for a girl of course!). Here he was lucky to get a job at K-bar, one of the pioneering cocktail bars in Copenhagen owned by Kirsten Holm. Although Aurimas had been working the bar all through his studies it was here that Aurimas fell in love with bartending for real.

Kirsten taught Aurimas all the things a bartender can dream of and he entered a steep learning curve. He has huge respect for his mentor who has an eye for detail that guys rarely have. The training inspired Aurimas to compete and he has since won a number of cocktail competitions. In 2014 he won the prestigious World Championships of Marie Brizard. This opened the doors for him to become brand ambassador for Marie Brizard and Bulldog Gin in Scandinavia.

Through competing Aurimas met Ted Dako who just won the title of being Denmark’s best bartender 2016. Together they formed the cocktail catering company I got Spirit. These two highly talented guys will staff the “the Cocktails of Copenhagen” bar at Cocktails & Cooking in Kødbyens Mad & Marked on the 20th of August during the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival. Here they will be serving selected cocktails from some of the best bars is Copenhagen that have been featured on this blog for the past eight months. Among others Ted’s Business Thyme and Arimas’s Nordic Mule.

Get pre sale vouchers for Cocktails and Cooking here and follow the event on Facebook here where we’ll share updates on the program as we get closer!

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.