Bar25 - one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen. Photo by Cocktails of Copenhagen photographer Alexander Banck Petersen.


A crossbreed with style

Most bar owners would kill for a location like this. Right next to the Sct Nikolaj church on Nikolaj Plads 25 in central Copenhagen you find Bar25. The bar opened in 2015 and is the little sister of the hugely popular Bar7 in Studiestræde. The owners Shane Kernan and Silas Sauer wanted to take all the best from Bar7 and make it even better  – a lower volume bar with better cocktails and better service. Simple as that.

Entering the place you’ll be stunned by the styles they have managed to put together in a sexy fashion. It’s a funky mix of classic chesterfield furniture, raw New Yorker style brick walls, lit up 70’s disco dance tiles, baroque silver framed mirrors and bull head trophies on the wall.


Despite the fancy location, fashionably kitsch interior and a cocktail menu designed by Denmark’s best bartender 2016 Ted Dako, there’s no stuck up attitude here. The bar crew is very down to earth and the place is all about great cocktails, good service and providing an optimal frame for a good night out.

Mezcalita recipeThe bar opened like shot from a canon. Being the stylish little sister of Bar7 it had a lot of goodwill and interested clientele from the start. But not only the established customer base of Bar7 loved the place. Only three months after opening, the bar won the AOK title of being the best bar in Copenhagen.

Bar25 is remarkable. You should go just to appreciate the funky interior, but know – as soon as you try a few of their signature cocktails you’ll be stuck for the evening!

Ted Dako’s award winning cocktail “From Russia with love” will be on the coming menu.

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Alexander Banck-Petersen
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