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Beetnik from Gilt is a beetroot cocktail brought to perfection.

Often beetroot can be quite dominating. It tends to steal all the attention when used in cocktails. But in Gilts Beetnik you get an elegantly balanced mix introducing the different flavor components in a way that leaves room for each of them to flourish without any of them taking over.

A beetroot infused Geranium gin exposes all the characteristic earthy and sweet beetroot notes, but in a subtle manner that allows the cherry pairing to play a leading role.

45ml beetroot infused Geranium gin
15ml Cherry Liqueur
20ml Æblerov Frankofil
10ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice
05ml Sugar syrup
Shake with ice, and double strain into a frosted Nick&Nora glass. Serve with a spray of fennel.

It turns out beetroot and cherries pair exceptionally well and create a deep and vivid taste. The ‘Frankofil’ apple cider from Æblerov is a well chosen match as the sweet apples moderate the pungent top notes of the beetroot and offer a range of different tertiary aromas to compliment the earthiness which adds to the complexity of the concoction.

As a final touch to the layers of taste; an aromatic fennel spray lifts the cocktail to the nose and binds together the sweet, fresh and earthy aspects of the drink.

Although no longer on the menu, the Beetnik is a perfect example of what they like to serve at GILT – something most people haven’t tried before based on local flavors and ingredients.

Their new menu offers just that. We recommend you go and check it out.

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Mia Lindegaard