Brønnum Bloody Mary

Hair of the dog that bit you

The Bloody Mary is hardly an “original Copenhagen Cocktail”, but the innovation gone into this bad boy from Bønnum impressed us enough to make the cut.

For one, the vodka base is swapped for a seaweed infused dill aquavit, and while the seaweed brings a tangy, oceanlike taste to the aquavit, it also brings out the dill even more than the non-infused aquavit alone due to the salt content of the seaweed.

The tomato juice is not just any tomato juice either. Made of homemade pickled tomatoes with added shallots, mustard, dill, horseradish and even some garlic, it’s a far cry from the more classic chili- and tabasco spiced versions you will find in many other bars.

6cl Seaweed infused Argentum dill Aquavit
2cl lemon juice
10cl homemade pickled tomato juice
1cl Vestebro urban honey

“Roll” the ingredients in a shaker with ice, serve in a high-ball class with cubed ice and garnished with a fermented radish and 3 drops of dill oil.

If you’ve been drinking Bloody Mary before (and we hope you have!), this is a versi0n that will surprise you. Nowhere near the spicy “hair of the dog cocktails”, that are popular for getting back in shape after a rough night, this Bloody Mary is refreshing and delicate.

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Martin Millard
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