Ceviche Sour

Peru in a glass

The bar and the restaurant industry have so much in common. They are continually inspiring each other for more innovation & creativity.

Dishes and desserts have certainly inspired me during my bartending career and it’s always been a fun challenge for me to create cocktails influenced by food dishes.

A recent example of mine is the Ceviche Sour which is a twist on a classic Pisco Sour inspired by the traditional Peruvian dish Ceviche, and the grape-based spirit Pisco, originally from Peru.

Ceviche is a well-know seafood dish that has become really trendy over the last few years on the food scene and there is even a traditional Peruvian aperitif consisting of blended ceviche ingredients called “Leche de Tigre”.

This was the basic inspiration behind the Ceviche Sour. However, instead of fish (which I haven’t yet used succesfully as a cocktail ingredient) I created my own “Leche de Tigre” mixing lychee, coriander, lime sea salt and citric acid.

To complement the Pisco and the lychee ceviche, I added juniper syrup, cucumber, firewater (maceration of habanero chilies with alcohol) and chickpea water to offer a vegan Ceviche based on fruit and vegetables. For garnish I decided on a few drops of avocado oil on top of the creamy foam to keep a South American cuisine feeling!

Ceviche Sour from the cocktail bar Kester Thomas in Copenhagen45ml Pisco 1615
40ml Lychee Ceviche
15ml juniper Syrup
1 slice of cucumber
1 dash of firewater
10ml Aquafaba

Put ingredients in a shaker, dry shake then add ice and shake again.

Pour in Nick & Nora martini glass and drop avocado oil on top of the foam

Pisco is a spirit distilled from fermented grape juice, considered as the national spirit in Peru and Chile. The Ceviche Sour represents the food and drinking culture of Peru with a smooth spicy taste enhancing the unique fermented grape flavor of Pisco with a kitchen twist.


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Erwan Le Bonniec
After 12 years experience in the service industry as a bartender/bar manager in restaurants, cocktail bars, and clubs, I recently finished my Bachelor degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Today I'm the Managing Partner of a Wine and Champagne cocktail bar in the heart of Copenhagen.