Christmas Sour

Memories from Spain

Erwan Le Bonniec from the wine and champagne bar Kester Thomas has spent several years in Barcelona, and with Spain being the Gin & Tonic bastion that it is, he naturally went through his share of different gins, tonics, and garnishes through the years. He fondly remembers one in particular – the cinnamon infused Citadelle gin served with a cinnamon stick. When designing a Christmas cocktail for the bar’s winter menu, he seized the opportunity to elaborate on this fond memory, and the Christmas Sour came to be:

3 cl Citadelle gin
2 cl Belsazar red vermouth
1,5 cl orange juice
1,5 cl lemon juice
2 cl Cinnamon syrup (cinnamon stick muddled with sugar and hot water)
1 cl Chick pea water

Dry shake all ingredients, then shake with ice and strain into a rock glass with cubed ice. Garnish with an orange peel and a cinnamon stick.

The Christmas sour is a strong proponent of one of Erwan’s favorite mixes – cinnamon and orange. The chick pea water gives the drink a beautiful foam and a slight nutty finish. The red vermouth accentuates the spices of the gin and enhances the cinnamon. The vermouth – a fortified wine – also grants the drink its legitimate place on the menu as every cocktail has to be made with a grape based product as Kester Thomas is a wine and champagne bar.

The Christmas Sour will get you through the last busy week of shopping and is available at Kester Thomas until Christmas day for only 85DK. If the background story above doesn’t convince you, this little video tale offers another perspective on how the Christmas Sour really came to be:

The Tale of the Christmas Sour from Michael Rosenfeldt on Vimeo.

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