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Our cocktail passionate team tirelessly sweep the city to cover the best bars and select unique, out-of-the-ordinary cocktail experiences. Discover our in depth cocktail guide on to plan your next night out. 

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Papirflyveren  Lidkoeb

An┼że Pihler
Atze Peng


Humberto Marques

Our team gives a range of highly recommended choices for cocktails and bars. You'll get inspiration to take you out of the ordinary and into some unforgettable experiences.

Look no further. We know the best bars in the ever changing cocktail scene of Copenhagen. We create a list of amazing trends and it’s all found in one spot!  

Get a sneak peak into the head of creative and highly skilled bartendes. Try out their recipes at home or kick start your own creative cocktail adventure with inspiration from the best.  

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