Humberto Marques bartender and owner at Curfew - one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen


The devil’s in the detail

You know how it feels, when you can’t remember the eye color of the girl you love? It’s just impossible to put a label on it. But you know you love it. That’s Curfew.

Curfew is like going behind the scenes of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a treasure chest of stories, details and wonders morphed together like nowhere else. This is like entering the shrine of a true collector. And that’s exactly what it is. Curfew is the embodiment of what it’s founder Humberto Marques has collected through a life time behind the bar. They should ask you to leave your smartphone. ‘Cause there so many quirky shakers, unique vintage machines and posters to strike up a conversation about that you won’t need to check your twitter feed.

The style of Curfew is sort-of speakeasy – but honestly they’d prefer if you’d shout out loud ‘bout it. The name originates from the time of prohibition and the style is somewhat retro accordingly. So it isn’t a dark and hidden place, but it gets its inspiration from the covert days of the classic cocktail era.

The menu? Scandinavian with a Portuguese twist. Here you’ll get aquavit and port, sherry and snaps. Try the Unfaithful that will make you swoon or Queen Berengaria for a class in history (at least if you ask the bartender) Some might find it eclectic – but it’s definitely unique to the personal taste and style of the owner Humberto. It’s just as complex as Humbertos personality. It blends Scots, Americans, Danes and Portuguese. This is the ultimate crossbreed. It’s not just an intersection – it’s a roundabout. But still with a clear vision.

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Mads Vibe