Denmark’s best Linie cocktail

Two bartenders made it across the equator to Oslo…

How can aquavit be used in cocktails? Recently ten bartenders from the best restaurants and cocktail bars around Copenhagen came up with some exceptionally creative and tasty answers to this question.

The occasion was an aquavit cocktail competition hosted by “Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni”. Cocktails of Copenhagen was represented in the jury by Thomas Klem Andersen along with Rasmus Poulsgaard from Duck and Cover, Rasmus Palsgård ( and head judge Monica Berg. The task was simple: Use Linie Akvavit – the original or one of the two new double matured variations – to make a cocktail inspired by the Linie journey around the world.

Ten bartenders had taken up the challenge with creativity and high spirits, and we saw Linie combined with as diverse ingredients as yuzu, lamb broth, kambucha, honeycomb, pea sprouts, milk, lavender and more.

Two cocktails won the evening and will go to the finals in Oslo with their creators: “Golden Milk” created by Irina Jelizarova from Lidkoeb and “Fashion at Sea” by Martin Clausen from Ruby.

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Martin Clausen is, with his three years at Ruby, one of the most experienced Bartenders there. With “Fashion at Sea”, Martin found his inspiration in Japan. The cocktail matches the original Linie’s anis notes with sweet plums from the Japanese umeshu liqueur and sweetens and freshens it up with a lemon balm syrup and a celery salt tincture. While the salty notes are a good story to accompany the Linie’s ocean voyage, salt also enhances the sweetness of the Linie, making Fashion at Sea an old-fashioned style cocktail that is both complex leaves lots of room for the base spirit.


5 cl Lysholm Linie aquavit
1,5 cl Choya umeshu
1 cl homemade lemon balm syrup
1 dash of celery salt tincture
Stir (preferably with crushed ice) and strain over ice in a lowball glass. Garnish with the zest of a lemon and a lemon balm leaf.
Irina Jelizarova’s contribution was colored by her international background. She was born in Russia, raised in Lithuania and has worked in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark. More specifically her “Golden Milk” cocktail finds it’s inspiration in the cultural boiling pot of Singapore. It’s an interpretation of her experience of colourful fruits, spices and flower garlands you find everywhere in the food stalls and markets. The herby earthiness and flowery notes is brought forth with a honey-tumeric-lavender syrup. The backbone of the cocktail is the double casked Linie sweetened with a bit of sherry.
5 cl Linie Aquavit double cask port
1 cl Mil Pesetas Oloroso sherry
3 cl Turmeric-honey-lavender syrup
2 cl fresh lemon juice
Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Shake well and strain over ice into a lowball. Garnish with a chunk of honeycomb and a lavender flower
We wish both of the finalist the best of luck in Oslo and trust them to bring the title to Copenhagen!
Rasmus Palsgård who was in the jury has written about Irina’s cocktail Golden Milk on his blog Find it here. If you’d like to explore aquavit cocktails download our free ebook on aquavit cocktails to explore further.
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