Drinks service during lockdown

Here is how you can support the Danish drinks industry

Dear reader. There is something you should know.

When the first public messages about the COVID19 outbreak in Denmark aired on national TV, some of the first ones to shut their businesses and send their staff home weren’t the million kroner money-making hotels or fast-food chains.

It was the small, privately owned and independent bars.

The Danish PMs words, “We must come together in keeping a distance,” resonated throughout the Danish bar scene. Before any financial deal had been settled, they made the crucial decision to shut the doors, uncertain of whether they would ever have the power to open them again.

Fortunately, the thing that sets Denmark’s cocktail scene apart, is also what has kept it sturdy and alive for so many years; creativity.

In these days, all the creative juices and passionate energy of establishment owners and cocktails aficionados alike are coming together to provide all regulars, newcomers, beer brawlers and wine-winners alike with the act same high-quality drinks and service as before the coronavirus outbreak. We’re talking bottled cocktails, draft beers by the jug, to-your-door deliveries or tasting sets to-go! Where else in the world would you see bar owners delivering by Christiania bike?

Many of these places are struggling, not just to make ends meet, but to guarantee their staff a place at the bar once this is all over. In the past 5-10 years, the Danish cocktail and bar scene has developed into a full-flourished ecosystem, lending inspiration to bartenders and producers around the world.

Yet, our industry is a humble one. It has yet to receive the appreciation and support it deserves.

And this is where you come in.

What they need now is your support. We’ve rounded up more than a few options from Copenhagen and beyond below so you won’t go thirsty. Whether you’re into beer, wine, spirits or cocktails, there’s plenty to chose from.

A good place to start if you live in Copenhagen is Drik Ude Hjemme, which opened this week to gather an overview of takeaway options. The portfolio is still quite limited, but the plan is to get more bars online within the coming week. Until then, raise awareness by spreading the #drikudehjemme

AS A BONUS, Gensyn cocktail bar is doing a weekly jackpot. To enter, all you have to do is purchase something from your local venue or shop, comment on the original post with a picture of your receipt before 21:00 on Saturdays and you’re in the draw!

Who said the lockdown was gonna be boring! Skål!

Please note! There are many more doing special deliveries, gift certificates etc. Check out your local bar, shop or establishment online/on Facebook to find out how you can help them ride out this storm.



Brass Monkey has decided that there is no reason you should miss out on Zombies during lockdown! Their five choices of cocktails come in bottles of 50cl and get cheaper there more bottles you buy: DK300 for one bottle, DK500 for two and DK700 for three. Delivery happens Friday and Saturday and is free within 4km of their Vesterbro venue. Up to 10 km will cost you DK50 extra. Deliveries farther than 10 km are possible, but drop them a message to get a deal.

Dispensary in Nørrebro are open for pick-up and also delivers upon request if you live close by. Specialising in whiskeys and beer, their 6-pack deal is a must; 3 beers and 3 5cl whiskey pairings for DK 490. You can also stick with 6 cans of beer for DK 250, or check out their 5cl and 10cl whiskey samplings. Find all their offers on Facebook or via their online shop.

Gamble on Frederiksberg has, like many others in these days, had to celebrate their 1-year birthday in lockdown. Fortunately, they’ve set up their online shop with bottled cocktails and ask anyone who buys one to share the experience in their Facebook birthday event. Their message seems to be “no need to not have some fun!” with ironically named cocktails such as From Wuhan with love and Exotic Quarantine. Delivery is on Fridays and Saturdays and free of charge to Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Inner City.

Kyros & Co, best new cocktail bar in Denmark at this year’s Bartenders Choice Awards, and a dent for flavour magic had some great news ahead of the lockdown: They are now bottling their concoctions and selling them online! A Verre is a selection of spirits and non-alcoholic distillates made in the bar by Christian Tang himself, meaning powerful flavour-pairings that you cannot find anywhere else.

All of Denmark can enjoy their bottles via their online shop, or if you live within Copenhagen (up to 2300), you can also get it hand-delivered – or pick it up yourself. It’s also possible to support Kyros & Co with a gift card – currently at 20% off!

Kester Thomas is a champagne and cocktail bars, and as such, offers not just cocktails to-go but also selected champagnes. Furthermore, it’s possible to buy gift cards for their Champagne Tastings, Champagne Tapas Fridays and Live Jazz nights, all due to return when they reopen.

More info on their Facebook page.

Puss Puss have bottled and sealed four of their menu cocktails ready for you to pour over ice. It’s DK 50 per bottle and can be ordered via #DRIKUDEHJEMME. As bad as it may sound, we recommend the Made In China – fresh and citrusy, and with less chance of a pandemic.


Bootleggers Craft Beer Bar right next to Torvehallerne have shut their doors downstairs but opened up for takeaway on the 1st floor. From Wednesday to Saturday, 16:00 – 19:00, you can pick up 1 full litre of your favourite craft, ready for virtual drinking with the office.

BRUS has kept their bottle shop open, which means that if you’re in Nørrebro, you might as well pop by for a quick look. They also deliver To Øl beer fresh from the canning line, available to pre-order via their Facebook – but be swift, we have it on a reliable source they sell out quick!

Black Swan (Inner City close to Kongens Nytorv) and sister bar Blue Raven (Amager) are open for takeaway every day from 16:00 – 19:00 with new selections on tap daily. Either swing by with your own bottle or borrow one for a DK 15 refundable deposit – and an extra 10% off when you share a picture of your purchase with the hashtags #blackswanbar/#blueravenbar #craftbeertogo #supportlocal

Kompasset Ølbar in Østerbro has a mixed selection of beers and ciders available either as cans or bottles for a discounted price of DK 45. Draft beers come in 1L jars at a price of DK 90 per jar. Minimum orders are 10 cans&bottles or 5 jars, but you are free to mix as you please. Kompasset also does deliveries by bike, or you can come to the shop yourself at an agreed time.

Check out the menu on Facebook. For orders, call or text +45 50 28 90 95

Nebbiolo Wine Bar is giving you great Italian wines and throwing in some Italian delicacies as well! Their Italian Box comes in three sizes and with everything needed for a good aperitivo: pasta, prosecco, chocolate, Italian sausages and much more. All delivered straight to the door and as far as 30km outside of Copenhagen. For prices and further details, check out their Facebook (Danish).

Rødder & Vin is a small, neighbourhood wine retailer in Nørrebro, and if you ain’t ever heard of it, shame on you. This is where you’ll get the real ruby and gold, with a great selection of organic wines from all over. The passionate team behind are spending these days delivering items for free by bike around Copenhagen. If that ain’t dedication, we don’t know what is! You can order via their Facebook – simply comment on a post or drop them a message.

Æblerov is an organic cider producer. Their products are made from Danish apples from farmers and Copenhagen locals, and is made from 100% natural fermentation with nothing added. Normally, they deliver to bars, restaurants etc., but are now open to private orders as of this week and will begin delivering in Copenhagen area (1000-2700) from Monday 23 March. Already now, you can pick up orders in NV or Vesterbro. A bottle of cider is DK100 – check out their Facebook for more info on how to order.


Curfew has put a halt to their spinning cocktail mixer for now. Luckily, you can still buy vouchers and gift cards from their online site. A voucher gets you between four and 10 cocktails at a discounted price, depending on which deal you sign up for. That’s just about enough drinks to get swinging when they reopen.

Duck and Cover in Vesterbro takes you back to mid-century Copenhagen. An escape back to a simpler time is much need in these days, and there’s nothing we’d love more than to slouch in the 1960s Danish designer sofas with an Across the Equator (Denmark’s best cocktail 2019) in hand. If you feel the same, treat yourself or a loved one to a cocktail gift card to be used as soon as the lockdown lifts!

Right now, there’s 20% on all gift cards – simply write en email with the desired amount to gift@duckandcoverbar.dk.

KIHOSKH are delivering beers, sake, chewing gum, cards, cuttleries, you name it. All they ask is that you purchase for minimum DK100 and they will bring it to your door free of charge within 24 hours. Check out their selection here or go to their Facebook for more.

PING Vin & Spiritus continue to offer a wide selection of spirits, beers, wines etc. to all customers in Køge area, south of Copenhagen. To see what’s on offer, either visit their shop Vestergade 10 or go to their Facebook (Danish only) to get in touch with owner Kim.

STRØM Bar are selling gift cards with an extra 30% added on top of any amount you chose. The cards can be sent to your home address or stored at the bar until the world becomes a little less contagious. Simply email them at info@strombar.dk.

Vang & Bar are offering 20% off all their gift cards. With a hip, yet cosy interior, offering both an outdoor spot in the sun and a secretive hide-away in the corner, this is a perfect way to set yourself up for finally meeting that Tinder date you scheduled during the quarantine.

Find all info on their Facebook.


St. Pauls Apotek brought next-level cocktails to Aarhus. If you’d hate to see them go, support by purchasing a gift card ahead of your next visit. They are even throwing in a free cocktail worth DK85 for each DK250 your spend. Prices are DK250, DK500, DK1000 and can be purchased via MobilPay. For more, check out their Facebook.

Abstinens is a fairly new but impressive initiative, providing both original cocktails and bar service. Whilst the rest of Aarhus has stopped mixing, Jakob Kramer continues his deliveries of exclusive cocktails in Aarhus and Trøjborg. 1 bottle of DK90 serves two cocktails, and 3 bottles are on offer for DK230. Simply drop them a message on Facebook, and your Friday is saved.


Shoppen still delivers within Copenhagen area. Especially recommended if you’re an agave fan! Check them out here.

Copenhagen Distillery recently opened their event bar and bottled their first whiskey. Which only make sit even more sad that they’ve had to shut their public space during these times. Fortunately, you can still buy all their products online, as well as give one of their gin tastings or cocktails masterclasses as a gift.

Cold Hand Winery has blown everyone’s mind with its delicious and flavourful fruit wines, spirits and liqueurs. Either get their “Help Kit” wine box (at 15% “coronavirus” discount) or purchase gift certificates for some of their upcoming events such as wine tastings, brunches and much more. Find it all on their website.

Juuls Vin & Spiritus on the border between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg are open for business as usual! They also deliver in Copenhagen, and of course, any orders online go out with PostNord as always.

Lyngby Vinkælder are also open for business as usual, right next to Magasin. Check out their Facebook for opening hours and info.

Empirical Spirits are offering free deliveries worldwide with code STAYSAFE. Check out their ever-growing selection here.

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