Garden of Eden

A sparkling lavender temptation

The perfect way to start your evening – an elegant, light and sparkling lavender beauty. As in the biblical Garden of Eden there is more to the apple than meets the eye in this cocktail made by bar manager at Brønnum Paul Graham.

The apple figures in the cocktail through one of Graham’s childhood favourites: Apple Shrub. Shrub is a popular way to keep fruits fresh in Britain by mixing them with sugar and vinegar and leaving it before filtering the fruit so only the juice of the fermentation is left. Add a little Wolfschmidt Kümmel with its absinth like anis flavour and you have a poisoned apple!

Garden of Eden:

1.5cl apple and lavender shrub
0.5cl Wolfschmidt Kümmel
5cl Bornolms apple juice
6cl (approx.) Champagne (Laherte Frères Extra – Brut) 

Stir all ingredients with ice, strain into a champagne glass and top with champagne. Serve in a Champagne flute Garnish with lavender & hibiscus dust on outside of glass.

The apple flavor in this sparkling mix is refreshing and lavender blends wonderfully with the anis notes of the Wolfschmidt Kümmel liqueur. The dust of the lavender and hibiscus on the outside of the Champagne flute intrigues and tempts the curious guest to taste this cocktail. Giving in to the temptation won’t get you expelled from the bar but it will give you a little taste of heaven.

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Emilie Juel Christensen