Grilled Peaches

Life is good!

Ruby likes to take care of their bartenders. And so every year, the crew goes on a “workation”, where the team of bartenders gather for a longer stretch in a place off-the-beaten-track.

“Grilled Peaches” was invented on such a trip while the team was enjoying summer at Bornholm – the definitive summer island of Denmark.  Spending days on the beach, lunching at the Michelin-starred Kadeau and creating cocktails at night in their summer house garden. Life is good!

5 cl Mezcal
1 cl peach brandy
1½ cl lime juice
1½ cl simple syrup
pich of salt

Shake well and fine strain into a chilled cocktail coupe. Prepare the cocktail coupe by dusting fennel ashes on the side of the glass.

The distinct, smoky mezcal taste combined with the peach brandy gives the cocktail it’s name and the fennel ashes dusted on the glass make it look classy and exotic. The smell of the fennel ashes, combined with the the smoky mezcal and fruity peaches makes it taste like a distinct grassy and smokeable herb that’s NOT tobacco. Try it for yourself to get a high on liquid flavor power!

This cocktail will be featured on the menu for Cocktails & Cooking at Kødbyens Mad & Marked on the 20th of August during the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival. We’ll have a Cocktails of Copenhagen bar there all day long serving select cocktails from some of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen in collaboration with Aurimas Mul and Ted Dako – Denmarks best bartender 2016. Get pre sale tickets here and follow the event on Facebook here where we’ll share updates on the program as we get closer!

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Martin Millard
Corporate slut by day, cocktail enthusiast by night. On a neverending path to become cocktail expert, partly through visiting Copenhagen's and the world's best watering holes, partly through an ever-expanding homebar. #whiskeywednesdays makes every humpday a good one.