Kasper Riewe and Rasmus Poulsgaard

True skill, but no need to show off

Ever met a surfer with an old fashioned on the tip of the board? We haven’t. But at Duck and Cover you’ll get exactely that mix of laid back surfer attitude and top of the pop quality. Both the founder of Duck and Cover, Kasper Riewe Henriksen, and the bartenders represent a unique blend of high quality service and cocktails with a splash of laid back attitude.

So maybe surfers and cocktails weren’t a wave you’d expect to catch. But if you meet the leading couple Kasper and Rasmus Poulsgaard (not in the romantic sense of the expression) you’d definitely paddle your arms off to ride their waves. Kasper is the founder of Duck and Cover – and his deep knowledge of how to mix the right cocktails is carried through by the rest of the crew.

Duck and Cover is the place where you get the high class cocktails with premium service – but with a more relaxed atmosphere then what you’ll meet at most bars. Here you won’t cut yourself on the cuflings of the ‘tenders’. It’s way more likely you’ll get a beating from the Fernet shots and sarcastic jokes.

So like surfers who know what they’re doing, but don’t feel like showing of, Duck and Cover’s got that certain twist of a contemporary cocktail bar. Maybe it’s because they’re ‘jyder’. Maybe it’s just what happens, when you’ve been doing your thing for more than a decade.

Try Rasmus and Kaspers Beetroot Basher and No name cherry fizz!


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Mads Vibe