In Martini Non Veritas

No truth in Martinis.

When 1408 cocktail bar set out together with next-door Michelin-star restaurant Kadeau to find inspiration for its new cocktail menu, the journey took them to the Danish island of Bornholm. Known as The Rocky Island, Bornholm is famous for being the only place in Denmark where the basement rock is visible at the surface.

Served in a stemless martini glass resting on top of a bed of rocks sampled directly from the island itself, In Martini Non Veritas creates the illusion of gazing through the ocean water and down at Bornholm’s rocky seabed.

Being located to the South-east of Sweden in the Baltic Sea, the Bornholm has homed territorial and political battles between Denmark and its neighbour for centuries. More than once, the island has been conquered by the Swedes only to be reconquered by the Danes.


Frederiksberg Gin

House-made vermouth based on Petersen & Sønner mead

Esrøm Sø Absinthe

Swedish Snällerød Mäskdrängen Akvavit

Camomile oil to garnish

Stirred and served straight up.

In Martini Non Veritas matches the best of both worlds and brings the history of the island to live in its mix of Danish and Swedish ingredients. Frederiksberg Gin combines with a dry mead-based house vermouth, which was made especially for 1408. Together they form the familiar base of a classic dry Martini. Add to that Swedish aquavit and Danish absinthe, and what you end up with is a forthright fennel and anise-driven dry base, mellowed by a light touch of camomile.

For bartenders, as well as for the guests, the classic Martini is an icon to respect. The Nordic twist at 1408 manages the balancing act between honouring the classic, as well as the natural landscape at Bornholm.

It is an extremely well-balanced cocktail that is herbal on the nose but smooth on the palate. From the aesthetic presentation to the rich ingredients, this cocktail lures you in – just remember to stay afloat.

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Miriam Gradel
Much like the case of the chicken and the egg, I've never really been sure whether I started as a journalist or as a bartender. However, one thing's for sure: both require whiskey!