Duck and Cover - one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Duck and Cover

Laid back Danish modern

If Danish architect and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen had a bar, it would probably look a bit like Duck and Cover. The classy classic interior borrows its vibe from the golden era of Danish modern design. Stepping into this cool Vesterbro-bar is like stepping into a scene from Mad Men shot in the 1960’s Copenhagen. So you’d probably expect a stiff upper lip-attitude? But that’s not how they roll at Duck and Cover.

The bar is created på Kasper Riewe Henriksen with a wonderful combination of laid back attitude and perfect eye for the detail. It is also his personal upbringing that has inspired the 60’s decor of Duck and Cover as it is molded over Kaspers grandmothers home.

At Duck and Cover you get greeted and seated. There’s always time to serve the guests and a welcoming attitude behind the bar. The ambience is relaxed so you can enjoy the crisp cocktail menu in a cosy atmosphere.

The back shelf is well equipped. You’ll find a good selection of aquavit and the founders own import of cachaca! So how’s the menu? Just like that. A generous mix of variations on classics and contemporary original creations like the Beetroot Basher and Cherry fizz. But the guys behind the bar surely know their aquavit – so make sure to get at least one of their own naughty nordic creations!

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Mads Vibe