No.2 House Punch

When at war with the French…

What do you do when you have no access to wine because you are at war with the French? You make punch!

At least that was the British solution to the pickle back in the day. Punch is typically associated with the British navy, as rum was poured in the water supplies with lime and sugar to keep the water from going bad. And there you have it.

With this maritime history a punch seemed like just the right thing for Sune Urth to put on the menu at No.2 as you can sip it while enjoying the view of Copenhagen’s sea way artery just outside the panoramic windows of the bistro.

According to Sune a punch is about cohesion. You are building a harmony rather than making any of the elements stick out. At No.2 the house punch is a balanced mix of Jubilæums aquavit, white rum, cherry liqueur, orange liqueur, lemonade, acid, sugar, green tea and water.

In the British Royal Navy every sailor was issued a pint of booze of navy strength (57% ABV!) every day. But watered down in a punch the alcohol content would be lower compared to a typical cocktail. So you’d have to drink quite a bit to steer yourself off course.

This house punch at No.2  is seductively refreshing and the perfect choice if you don’t have time to wait around as it’s served straight from the tap.

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.