No name cherry fizz from Duck and Cover one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen, Photo by Alexander Banck Petersen - photographer at Cocktails of Copenhagen

No name cherry fizz

Aquavit reinvented at Duck and Cover

Most Danes associate aquavit with pickled herring, christmas lunges, elderly people or drinking too much too fast straight from the freezer…

Never the less aquavit is a unique nordic spirit and one that deserves more attention from Scandinavian bartenders at least if you ask Rasmus Poulsgaard from Duck and Cover. He can provide you with many good arguments for why aquavit is worthwile to explore when mixing cocktails and he has deep knowledge about how pair it with different flavors. One of the things he’s found works well with the charateristic cumin flavor of aquavit is cherry. And thats how this fizz cocktail came about.

4 cl Taffel aquavit

2 cl Frederiksdahl new nordic cherry liqueur,

2,5 cl lemon

1,5 cl sugar syrup

½ egg white

5 cl Helmuth kellerbier


Finestrain in wine glass

Garnish: cherry on skewer.

When making a fizz normally you top the drink with a fizzling soda. What makes this cocktail fizz however is an unfiltered dark lager beer. The malt from the beer adds sour and bitterness to the cocktail which blends in well with the cherry and aquavit. Let’s hope Rasmus continues to make cocktails to bring aquavit into the 21sr century!

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.