Norsmen's Skipper by Anze Pihler from Atze Peng - one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen. Photo by Alexander Banck Petersen, photographer for Cocktails of Copenhagen.

Norsemen’s skipper

Who turned off the sun!?

After a few weeks of blue skies around Easter you thought that summer was just around the corner, but with the snowfalls last week summer now seems ages away! We know that April showers bring May flowers, but on a cold, wet April night you don’t need a promise of flowers. What you need is a hot drink.

Luckily, at Atze Peng the always inventive and industrious Anže Pihler can provide just that for you in the form of a wonderful blazer cocktail, and this one is as simple as it is wholesome

5 cl home made mjød (mead)
3 cl Jamaican Navy rum
10 cl of hot water

Set the rum a blaze and roll it with the mead. Add hot water, some dried cloves, and a wedge of lemon.

Blazer 1

Who cares that you’re drinking left over mead from Christmas with dried cloves – this is just what you need to stay warm on a cold April day like this.

Blazer 2


Even if things should decide to summer up a bit, the evenings will still be chilly for a while, and even if they won’t, do you really need to be looking for an excuse to not enjoy a toddy? Cheers to a sunny May, with flowers and what not!


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Alexander Banck-Petersen
CoC's photographer and occasional writer. I enjoy cocktail photography almost as much as cocktail imbibery. I try to do the drinks justice by making them appear as appealing to the eye as they are to the mouth and nose. I have a weakness for gins and I'm fond of bitter stuff as well, but I'll enjoy a good rum, bourbon or whisky if I'm forced. :)