Pear Sour

Meticulous composition and cheeky playfulness

The Pear Sour is Gensyn’s autumnal riff on the classic sour. It balances meticulous composition with a cheeky playfulness.

Pear Sour from Gensyn - one of the best bars in CopenhagenSmoothed out with a red wine float, the drink perfectly encapsulates the pseudo-bodega ambiance of the bar

2 cl Poire Williams pear brandy
2 cl Pink Pepper gin
2 cl Lemon
2 cl simple syrup
Cabernet red wine

Shake all ingredients except the wine and strain into an iced filled tumbler glass. Top with a float of Cabernet red wine.

The mix of Poire Williams with lemon, syrup, and spicy Pink Pepper gin, results in an ideal cold-weather refresher. Drink it while feeling mischievous.

Since Gensyn opened in April 2017 the cocktail menu has changed almost every month. On the up-side this makes it fun to visit again and again – on the down-side it means that the Pear Sour is already off the menu, and you’ll have to shake it up yourself to bring it for your weekly round of billards.

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