Rastløs akavit bar


Denmark’s first Aquavit bar

Aquavit has a mixed reputation among young Scandinavians due to unhealthy drinking rituals and adolescent hangovers. In recent years however it has gained in popularity and we have seen an increase in craft producers and skilled bartenders working to create a modern identity for aquavit.

One of the most passionate aquavit evangelists in Copenhagen is Frederick-Sebastian Krause who is dead set on bringing about an aquavit revolution to make aquavit great again. Not only does he produce his own brand of aquavit, he also just opened Denmark’s first aquavit bar Rastløs.

You find Rastløs on Ravnsborg Tværgade – right in the heart of the hip and happening Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. It’s a small new one-room bar, still rough around the edges almost like a startup garage, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of Frederick-Sebastians aquavit project. This is not a big brand marketing stunt, but a shoutout from a passionate grassroot revolutionary.

Rastløs akvavit barYou’ll find a strong curated selection of quality aquavits. House bartender Toby Efteland and Frederick-Sebastian will guide you through the selection or serve you an aquavit based cocktail to show you that aquavit is much more than you thought it was.

“At Rastløs we welcome everybody who would like their misconceptions about Aquavit tested and put to shame. Here you can get to know aquavit from a more fun and frivolous side. We are constantly working to renew this traditional spirit, so it may yet again become something that we will all cherish.” – Frederick-Sebastian Krause

Vi.ER AkvavitThe first bottles of Frederick-Sebastian’s own brand VI.ER AKVAVIT saw the light of day in April 2016. At time he was puzzled that the few craft distillers on the market were focusing on international spirit categories like gin, rum and whisky:

“Why not produce aquavit which is close to both our hearts and our heritage? I wanted to develop a premium aquavit that people would be proud to call part of their cultural identity and that provided people with true Nordic flavours. With Rastløs we can now offer people to explore this flavor universe in a bar in the heart of Copenhagen”

Rastløs akvavit barIf you feel like exploring what aquavit has to offer, Frederick-Sebastian and crew will be happy to guide you on an adventurous journey through a proper aquavit tasting. But as he says “As with all exciting adventures, we know where we start but we don’t always know where we will end up.”

Rastløs is open on Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays from 18:00-24:00 and on Fridays from 16:00-24:00. in november and december they will be featuring some of their Christmas cocktail favourites.

Rastløs is nominated among four other proud new bars as best new cocktail bar in Denmark 2018 for The Bartender’s Choice Awards. Check them all out here.

If you are interest in aquavit and intrigued by the use of aquavit in cocktails download our free ebook on aquavit and aquavit based cocktails to explore further.

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