Rose Cologne Pickle

Rose Cologne Pickle

Two innovations mashed up

Historically a “cocktail” was a sub-category within the world of mixed drinks among many other categories such as flips, fizzes, crustas, sours, smashes, cobblers and juleps etc.

Once in a while new categories emerge. some become canon and some are lost to history over the years.

The Rose Cologne Pickle is a mashup cocktail between two recent Scandinavian category innovations:

The “Pickle” cocktail

Eetu Topo on the PickleEetu Topo from Helsinki coined the “pickle” cocktail category (1 part base spirit, half part lengthener, a bar spoon of vinegar and a bar spoon of grain sugar) when creating his Rum Pickle.

“While I’ve been playing with the Nordic kitchen approach towards cocktails, I realised that there is very little if anything that we
can all relate to as: Yup, that is what a Nordic cocktail is about. Why do we use lime and lemon all the time instead of local alternatives, when exotic ingredients often taste quite bland here? Vinegar, salt, ferments and berries can work brilliantly. Of course we need lime & mint for Mojitos, but maybe it is time for us to do something else entirely.”

The “Cologne” cocktail

Antonio Oliviera from Copenhagen coined the “cologne” cocktail category (2 parts neutral spirit, 1 part citrus 1/2 aromatised wine and 2/3 aromatised syrup) when he prepared the cocktail El Obsequio for the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition in 2016.

El Obsequio is inspired by a perfume that Bacardi had special made in 1888 to be gifted to friends and supporters of the company whom had stood by the company through the years. Antonio took inspiration from the perfume by incorporating mimosa, which is commonly used by perfumers.

El Obsequio is still on the Award cocktail section of the menu at Curfew.

The Pickle/Cologne mashup:

Rose Cologne Pickle

Mixing Lysholm’s botanical aquavit with Raspberrie vinegar, rose water syrup and the Lilllet Rose aromatized wine results in a delightful cologne/pickle mashup

40 ml Lysholm No.52
40 ml Lillet Rose
1 bsp raspberrie vinegar
1 bsp rosewater syrup

Stir. Serve up. Garnish with rose petal.

The Rose Cologne Pickle is perfect for a warm summer day.

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.