Pucker up for the First Kiss

Careful this one doesn’t steal your heart

Bars and romance have been long connected. Decades before the age of digital communication, bartenders were the original Tinder. And while the days of sliding a drink across the bar to a party you’ve been eyeing for the last hour are gone (please dare to disagree!), the romantic atmosphere around alchemy, I mean bartending, has remained.

Ruby is a great example of such bar – it’s cozy, intimate and still retains a speakeasy feel. A perfect place for a runaway with your favorite affair. Not everyone is allowed an extra lover on the side though. Fortunately, you can still fall head over heels for new drinks and the team at Ruby came up with a special treat on their new spring menu. Are you ready for love at first sight?

Don’t be shy and straight up ask the bartender or waiter for a First Kiss. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Some misunderstandings can lead to glorious things but most likely you will see the bartender prepare a stirring glass and get to work. The magic can be felt in the air, especially when a delicate spray of verbena is applied right before pouring. Upon finishing its garnish-makeup, First Kiss immediately starts flirting with you.

3cl Belsazar Rosé Vermouth
2cl Absolut Elyx Vodka
1cl Creme de Cacao Blanc
0,5cl Empirical Spirits Fallen Pony Blend

Stirred in a mixing glass to dilute. A stemless wine glass is sprayed with verbena, the drink is poured and garnished with a verbena leaf. No ice needed, the dilution is perfect.

It sits in the glass reminding you of liquid gold with a rose tint. Similar to its precursor, the Wet Martini, First Kiss is slightly viscous and oily. As you swirl it around the glass the verbena scents are released straight into your nose where they mix with the sweet aroma of Empirical Spirits’ Fallen Pony Blend and floral notes of Belsazar Rosé.

The first sip sits you down and amazes you with the sheer complexity of flavors exploding on your tongue. White chocolate notes sweeten the drink to a perfect balance and remove any sharp edges you might remember from your first club Martinis. This a revolution in a glass and as with any good coup you know from literature, romance blossoms during these times.

As you are letting the rosy notes enchant your spirit you will inevitably start imagining your perfect summer of courtship. Brunch on the terrace followed by a bike ride to the beach, swimsuits, and sundresses, then an up-class dinner with a bowtie on… and when your fantasies start running adrift, just take another sip.

One thing is sure, First Kiss is no one-night stand. There will inevitably be an evening when you enjoy a little bit too much of it and the only threat to your relationship will be the doom of a new menu. But worry not, it might as well come back better than ever before – this one should definitely go on the list of Ruby classics. Also, don’t think about the future too much. Your love affair is here right now, are you leaning in already?

If you have a different candidate for your upcoming summer fling, drop us a hint on Instagram. We promise to not dip our feet in your ocean. And in case you long for more perfume-forward drinks, maybe pay a visit to Kyros & Co.? Copenhagen is ready for you!

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Jiri Malis
Pretending to be a flamboyant aficionado behind the bar during the weekend, pretentiously scribbling about cocktails the rest of the week. Is your cocktail not good enough? Add more port wine!