Skjaldemjøden (Poet's Mead) - a mead cocktail with Nordguld aquavit and rosehip inspired by Nordic mythology.

Skjaldemjøden (Poet’s Mead)

A divine loot of coastline treasures

According to Nordic mythology “Poet’s Mead” was a magical mead brewed by dwarfs from honey and the blood of Kvaser the Wise who they had slain. The mead which would make anyone who drank it a great poet and very wise was stored away in three containers deep inside a mountain by the giant Suttung who had his beautiful daughter Gunlød guard it.

Through cunning the God king Odin seduced Gunlød and stole the mead by emptying all three containers when allowed to taste it. Transforming himself into an eagle he fled back to Asgaard closely chased by the furious Suttung in eagle form. As he reached the walls of Asgaard Odin gulped the mead into containers prepared by the gods. A small part of it however went out “the wrong end” as Sutting almost caught Odin when he reached Asgaard. Anyone could have this part but no one liked it and it was given to bad poets and came to be known as “the rhymester’s share”. The mead of poetry on the other hand was reserved for the gods and men gifted in poetry.

Skjaldemjøden (Poet's Mead) - a mead cocktail with Nordguld aquavit and rosehip inspired by Nordic mythology.4 cl Aalborg Nordguld Akvavit
4 cl sweet rosehip mead
1 cl raspberry syrup
2 bsp balsamic tomato vinegar
Fentiman’s rose lemonade

Stir all ingredients. Strain over ice in a rustique “Viking” vessel and top with Fentiman’s rose lemonade – stir to mix. Garnish with rosehip, a rose bud and fresh thyme and serve with a complimentary sidecar shot (the rhymester’s share).

The amber distilled aquavit combines well with rosehip which is plentiful by the beaches all around the coast line of Denmark. The balsamic tomato vinegar (from Hindberg and Vanilla) provides a bit of acidity while accentuating the characteristic flavor of rosehip. Sweetening with raspberry and topping with rose lemonade makes this an aromatic summery libation.

Skjaldemjøden (Poet's Mead) - a mead cocktail with Nordguld aquavit and rosehip inspired by Nordic mythology.We suggest that Poet’s Mead can be made in many forms using equal parts spirit and sweet mead mixed with vinegar a fitting sweetener and a fizzy lengthener. Most importantly it has to be served in a proper viking style vessel with a complimentaty sidecar shot serving as the rhymester’s share!

Our version of Skjaldemjøden was made with rosehip mead provided by the Danish mead producer Malling Mjød and served in a unique vintage glass scavenged by Anže Pihler for his vintage collection at Atze Peng.

For another wonderfuld use of Nordguld Akvavit download our new free e-booklet on aquavit cocktails with 9 easy and delicious recipes.  If you’re interested in mead read our interview with Malling Mjød and if you’re intrigued by the use of mead in cocktails read our feature on mead cocktails, where Jesper Skov provides insights on how to work with mead and flavor pairing. Or for another aquavit based viking inspired drink check out “Erik the Red“:

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