A high voltage boost of tasty Minerals

There’s nothing better than meeting up with good old friends in the cosy atmosphere of a bar. Sometimes you don’t even need to bring along your friends, they might already be there! On the menu at STRØM you’ll allways have the pleasure of meeting a few good old friends – the signatures. “Tesla” named after the famous electrical engineer and futurist Nikola Tesla, is one of these. It refers to a time when our world entered the modern era and most people got electricity. Since Nikola Tesla helped develop the alternating currant (AC) “Telsa” seemed  an obvious name for this house cocktail which has been one of the most popular signatures on the menu over the years.

The flavor profile of the cocktail is inspired by the Mediterranean where Tesla grew up and it is packed with minerals. Not only from rich olive oil with it’s hint of bitterness wrapped in warm spices, but also from a fruity and dry Manzanilla sherry. The grapes for this sherry is grown in the red mineral-rich soils of southern Spain. It provides a good taste of sun-baked earth minerals flanked by a crispy green apple-like feel. To balance the minerals Tesla has both a sweet side and a citrusy side, none of which takes over but both adding a tasteful and delicate, balanced edge.

Tesla from Strøm cocktail bar50 ml Gin
20 ml Manzanilla sherry
15 ml fresh lime juice
10 ml agave syrup
1 small bar spoon of olive oil
Dash of eggwhite

Dry shake all ingredients to emulsify the egg and shake with ice. Serve straight up in a cocktail glass and garnish with an olive.

At STRØM the philosophy is to make well balanced cocktails all the way. You should be able to drink cocktails all night and not have your taste buds paralyzed by too much sugar and citrus. You’ll find all kinds of cocktails on the menul – sweet, fresh, bitter, sour, fruity and more – but all with a subtle balance so they’re neither too heavy on the sugar nor on the citrus.

The intention is to give way for the neat and pure tastes of the liquor, besides going easy on both your stomach and your taste palette. The finetuned balance in each cocktail even ensures that you can drink more of your favorite cocktail without loosing the taste for it – so no matter which one is your best friend on the menu you can spend the whole night together and still not go tired of each other.

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Mia Lindegaard