The Bennet from Fleisch - a perfect place to have dinner and drinks in Copenhagen.

The Bennet

A fashion model with distinct cocktail preferences

Copenhagen has a large number of abnormally pretty girls in skinny jeans, large sunglasses and a slight attitude. Well, twice a year, there are more than usual – the city is literally overrun with them. That’s when you know its Copenhagen Fashion Week.

During a recent CFW, Fleisch had one of these species and her gay friend enter the bar and order “a dirty Martini”. Bar Manager Jesper Wissing was pretty impressed. Not only was this girl ridiculously hot – she was also into heavy, stirred drinks and had an above average insight into her own cocktail preferences. The two guests had their own party, and Jesper had a good time with them, as the bar was roughly empty and he always likes to engage with his guests. Discussions led to new concoctions, and a variation over a mezcal negroni was created. As this girl prodigy was called Bennet – obviously, the cocktail had to carry her name:

3cl Rondó (an Aperol-styled aperitivo, see here)
2cl Vida Mezcal
3cl Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth
½cl VSOP Cognac

Stir and strain into an old fashioned glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with a lime twist

Originally the 1:1:1 negroni specifications, the Rondó aperitif is such a sweet and tasty bitter that this almost made the drink too sweet – especially for a model taking a liking to dirty martini’s – and so the cognac was added to give an extra kick.

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