The Great Apple Heist

Fear a bit less to live a bit more

If you’re a Dane and born in the 80’s, you know “Lille Virgil”, “Orla Frøsnapper” and other kids’ books by Ole Lund Kierkegaard. Jesper Wissing, bar manager at Fleisch, loved Orla Frøsnapper (Freddy Frogface) as a kid. So when he was creating a cocktail for a competition hosted by Jameson to comemorate the Jameson family motto “Sine Metu“, he found inspiration in the old childhood story. Sine Metu means “without fear”, and having just received the delicious apple liqueur from Malus X, he wanted to combine fearlesness and apples. What immediately came to mind was the apple tree in Freddy Frogface that the main character would steal apples from, so he named his Jameson cocktail The Great Apple Heist.

3cl Jameson Sine Metu Irish Whiskey
3cl Malus X Apple Liqueur
½cl Dolin Dry vermouth
5-6 dashes of Peychaud bitters

Stir and serve over a large cube of ice and garnish with a lemon twist

The powerful taste of the Malus X apple liqueur really makes for a delicious blend with the smooth irish whiskey. The anise in the heavy dose of bitters and fruity dryness from the vermouth gives it an edge that ensures it’s not too sweet! As Jesper Wissing says, Jameson and Irish whiskey in general is not often used for cocktails, but it is just as good a fit as bourbon with its round body and distinctive notes of sherry, vanilla and flowers! The Great Apple Heist proves him right!

Malus X apple liqueur
Malus X is a brand new Danish apple liqueur made by Cold Hand Winery. Currently, Fleisch and Ruby are the only bars in Copenhagen where you can get this cryo extracted alcoholic apple juice (you can also have it in the Jubilee Sour at Ruby). Do yourself the favor and ask to try a little in a separate glass on the side. You’ll be surprised. No need to steal apples while having this liqueur aound.

Jesper Wissing from Fleisch

Jesper Wissing from Fleisch

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