The red, white and yellow ones

Craft cocktails on bottle

If you are prejudiced about bottled drinks, we don’t blame you. Breezers, Smirnoff Ice and even Somersby are not products that most cocktail enthusiasts are fond of.

We do however like to challenge ourselves and our pre-conceptions of what good taste is. Sometimes with aquavit, liqurice pipes and bone marrow infusions. So why not bottled cocktails? While editorial members of this blog previously would have labeled any such thing “upgraded Breezers”, a look at the ingredient list and a sip of the freshly poured cocktail definitely changed this impression.

Nohrlund drinks have no fancy names and are known by either their ingredients or their colors. The juices used in the drinks are made at the stove in the kitchen that Anders and Søren rent. Ingredients are organic, the spirits used are not commercially available and the guys prefer that their suppliers invest in the product rather than promotion.

Den Hvide or “the white one” or “Elderflower / Ginger + Gin” is a refreshing drink that calls for more. While for some bartenders, Elderflower is considered the “ketchup” of the bar because it works with more or less everything, in this cocktail it does not overpower any of the other ingredients, but rather compliments them. This is a complex and refreshing drink.

Pour it over ice and garnish with a slice of fresh ginger

Bottled cocktail from Nohrlund

Den Gule or “the yellow one” or “Buckthorn / Rosehip + Rum”. The rosehip will remind you of when you used to make rosehip jam in kindergarten. Except this jam is liquid and is mixed with a good rum! It’s combined with a slightly sour buckthorn, giving an unmistaken “Nordic” flavor which you probably didn’t get in kindergarten.

Pour it over ice and garnish with a rosemary sprig

Bottled cocktail from Nohrlund

Den Røde, or “the red one” or “Strawberry / Rhubarb + Vodka” is incredible! It tastes like strawberries. No, really – it tastes like strawberries. And even after being told, you will still say it out loud when you taste it the first time. Fresh, Danish summer strawberries, like the ones your grandmother would made “rødgrød med fløde” with. It makes sense, because the ingredients are exactly that: strawberries and rhubarb, harvested in a local garden and juiced with Søren’s mothers recipe in the Nohrlund kitchen. No kidding. No fairytales. Oh and by the way. This is also the cocktail that got perfect marks at the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition in 2015, and won double gold as the first entrant in the premixed category. Ever.

Pour it over ice and garnish with a thyme sprig.

Bottled cocktail from Nohrlund

As Anders says: out of 100 bars that want to have a quality cocktail menu, probably only 5% have the means excecute a menu like that on a consistant basis. Most of these are in large cities. With Nohrlunds help, you should soon be able to enjoy craft cocktails when you are spending the night at a hotel some random place in Denmark, or when you are in the mosh pit at the Roskilde Festival. If you can’t wait, just head on over to Mad & Vin in Magasin, or to Kjær & Sommerfeldt at Gammel Mønt and grab a few to take home.

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