Valkyrie Hot Toddy from Curfew Cocktail Bar

Valkyrie Hot Toddy

Eastern blessings

Østerlandsk Thehus (Eastern Tea House)  by Nørreport is one of the oldest tea shops in Copenhagen. When you enter the tea house and breathe in the amazing aromas that permanently shroud the shop, your heart rate drops. It’s pure medicine.

The tea house came into existence because a Danish marine had been introduced to tea by the Admiralty when he attended Queen Victoria’s 50th anniversary while aboard the frigate “Valkyrie”.  When he returned to Copenhagen, he opened his own tea house on Nørre Voldgade 9.

The Valkyrie inspired the hot toddy that is served at Curfew through the winter.

Valkyrie Hot Toddy from Curfew Cocktail BarThe cocktail is based on one of the best-selling blends frin the tea house; the licorice tea; a blend of licorice root, fennel seeds, orange peel, chili, cinnamon and star anise – a beautiful blend that everyone loves.

3 cl (1 oz.) Aalborg Jubilæums aquavit
2 cl (2/3 oz.) Grand Marnier
1.5 cl (1/2 oz.) licorice tea infusion
¼ tsp lemon juice
1.5 cl (1/2 oz.) honey
6 drops of cedar pine oil

Stir licorice tea with honey, aquavit, Grand Marnier. Float six drops of cedar pine oil on the top.

This delicious hot toddy will is just what you need to challenge the low temperatures these days.

Provided by Humberto Marques from Curfew cocktial bar

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