Very Special Ice Tea from Kester Thomas

Very Special Iced Tea

Very special indeed…

Making cocktails with cognac is kind of like wearing a mullet or keeping tarantulas as pets – it has always been done but (for no apparent reason) it never really caught on.

At Kester Thomas, Erwan Le Bonniec is working to change this – and as the bar manager of a grape themed cocktail bar, there is no arguing he is the man for the job.

The 2017 spring/summer menu at Kester Thomas features multiple “V.S.” based cocktails, and the Very Special Iced Tea could very well be one of the front runners in making cognac cocktails hip again.

Inspired by the successful merger of mint and cognac used in the Old French cocktail, the V.S. Iced Tea builds on ginger ale and champagne syrup with a dash of sage in the mix for an iced tea like no other.

Very Special Ice Tea from Kester Thomas45ml Martell V.S. Cognac
40ml sage tea (based on dehydrated sage brewed with water)
15ml homemade champagne syrup (champagne reduction mixed with sugar)
15ml lemon juice (lemon is the choice for iced tea)

Thrown with ice, but only three times to reduce the amount of water in the drink (as tea is one of the main components) and topped with ginger ale.

Served in a highball glass garnished with a sprig of sage.

The V.S. Iced Tea has an intense and complex initial taste that doesn’t linger, with the cognac distinct on the draw and the lemon and tea quickly stepping in and dominating the flavor profile.

Throwing the drink aerates the Cognac and opens the flavor, while the fizziness of the ginger ale makes it fresh and clearly recognizable as a long drink.

The result is very special indeed. So go get that mullet!

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