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The Blog

Cocktails of Copenhagen is a brand independent tribute to craft cocktails, trendsetting bars and creative bartenders. we feature inspiring cocktails from the Nordic bar scene every week and offer a sneak peak into the creative thinking of Scandinavian bartenders with beautiful photos and intriguing recipes.

The bartenders of Copenhagen are purveyors of holistic hospitality experiences as much as beverages, and we try our best to honour that by presenting all original cocktails in their proper context (from ideation to presentation), as well as by featuring bars and bartenders on our site, alongside the cocktails themselves.

The Team

Cocktails of Copenhagen is run on a voluntary basis by inebriated amateurs and self-acclaimed aficionados. Our ranks are mostly filled with old friends, with the occasional addition of fresh recruits with actual talent.

While we remain a rag-tag band, all make a point of drawing on the other’s greatest strengths – the photographer photographs, the writer writes, the bartender tends, everyone drinks. If you are nursing a secret dream of becoming a semi-unprofessional cocktail blogger or just love hanging out with insufferable know-it-all’s, our door is always open!



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