Ama'r Colada - Nordic Tiki from Duck and Cover in Copenhagen

Ama’r Colada

Nordic Tiki

Tina Rovåger from Duck and Cover - Copenhagen

Tina Rovåger

Ama’r Colada is Tina Rovåger’s throw at something as outlandish as a Nordic Tiki cocktail. A contradiction in terms – Amager isn’t exactly the exotic Polynesian island that we usually associate with Piña Coladas, Zombies and Mai Tais. But let’s keep our minds open and see where this takes us.

Tina didn’t want to scrap the coconut when doing her spin on the Piña Colada, but she entertained the notion that maybe it could be done without the pineapple and rum? Apparently that is entirely possible if you substitute it for gooseberry juice and dill aquavit…

That combination of very nordic elements has enough of a resemblance to grant the name its legitimacy and, as it turns out, dill and coconut are very good friends in terms of flavor.

Ama'r Colada - a spin on a classic based on dill aquavit30 ml Aalborg dild Akvavit
30 ml Copenhagen Dill Anise Aquavit
30 ml Coco Lopez
30 ml Gooseberry juice
2,5 dill whey*

All ingredients are shaken, served over rock ice in a high ball glass and garnished with toasted coconut flakes, dill and star anise.

*The dill whey is milk protein made by cooking whole milk with lemon, infusing it with dill and sweetening it with sugar.

Ama’r Colada fits right into the menu at Duck and Cover as they have a declared agenda to let the main building blocks of their cocktails be local flavor ingredients – like gooseberry as a substitute for the otherwise seemingly obligatory citrus. This local favoritism also makes Duck and Cover the bar in the city that offers some of the most interesting aquavit based cocktails.

The funky crossbred nature of the Ama’r Colada makes it fun and intriguing. But most of all it’s ridiculously delicious.

The crew from Duck served Ama’r Colada in the bar for the snaps and aquavit festival Spirikum on Saturday 1st of September 2018.

Spirikum akvavit festival 2018

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