Bay Leaf Sour from 1408

Bay Leaf Gin Sour

A Nordic twist on a classic

You can harmonize any spirit into a classic sour cocktail. Spirit, citrus, sugar; it couldn’t be simpler. We all know the fluffy Whisky Sour as the most popular of the category, but it’s by no means the be-all and end-all. When 1408‘s team sought a Nordic execution of the format, a crisp, local gin was an obvious choice.

Copenhagen Distillery’s new Bay Leaf Gin is appropriately innovative while its structure remains respectful to tradition, and its fully-organic profile suits 1408’s partner Kadeau’s considered and conscientious approach to ingredients.

After rapid shakes without and with ice to thoroughly mix and chill the drink, 1408 serves the Bay Leaf Sour with dried flowers and an actual bay leaf, the garnishes in contrast atop the drink’s thick white foam. The strong, herbaceous notes of bay and fresh lemon charge through your nostrils, the scent strengthened with a backbone of traditional juniper. The profile plays mind games and evokes both gin and aquavit, enveloped within the stimulating scent of citrus.


Bay Leaf Sour from 140860ml Copenhagen Distillery Bay Leaf Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
15ml Simple Sugar Syrup
20ml Egg Whites
1 leaf Bay Leaf

Shake all ingredients without ice. Add ice and shake again. Fine-strain into a rocks glass over more ice. Garnish with bay leaf and dried flowers.

The drink is pleasantly light, cushioned with a sweetness that allows the invigorating power of bay leaf to shine without becoming aggressive. The foam adds a lot of body to an otherwise very easy drink and will keep you from downing this delicacy in two gulps.

The bay leaf, juniper, and lemon harmonise in symphony until the last drop, and the soft dilution from the extra ice uncovers lighter, fruitier notes towards the end. A rich herbal aftertaste lingers after each sip, and prompts another one, even after the glass is empty. One more sour? Or will you be tempted to try In Martini Non Veritas?

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