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Best cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Nordic Bartender’s Choice Awards 2017

The 2017 winners of the Bartender’s Choice Awards have just been nominated.

bartender's choice awards 2017 galaA huge congratulations goes out to all of them. Here we would like to highlight the Danish category winners.

Bartenders’ Choice Awards is an annual award that acknowledges excellence within the Nordic drinks industry.  It was founded in 2010 and is recognized as the most prestigious awards for the Nordic bar scene. The deciding jury is based on more than two hundred industry professionals and cocktail enthusiasts making the jury the most knowledgeable of its kind.

Each year the jury members nominate and vote for their favorites within ten categories before announcing the winners in grand fashion during the prestigious gala in Stockholm, Sweden on December 17th 2017.

Without further ado lets see the winners lined up:

Duck and Cover - one of the best cocktail bars in CopenhagenBest Danish Cocktail Bar: Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover on Vesterbro is created på Kasper Riewe Henriksen with a wonderful combination of laid back attitude and perfect eye for the detail. It is also his personal upbringing that has inspired the 60’s decor of Duck and Cover as it is molded over Kaspers grandmothers home.

The Barking DogBest atmosphere: The Barking Dog

The Barking Dog is a social meeting point on Nørrebro with a casual pub atmosphere. The music is never too loud for conversation and always played from vinyl. You’ll find a huge selection of tequila and mezcal here. In fact the bar is widely known for its niche focus on these Central American spirits and its Mexican vibe.

Gensyn - best new cocktail bar in Copenhagen 2017Best new cocktail bar: Gensyn

Gensyn on Frederiksberg must be the only place in Copenhagen where you can enjoy a well-balanced old fashioned with a couple of friends over a round of five pin billards.Two old lanterns and a green wooden door mark the entrance to this relaxed and non-pretentious bar. No huff and puff – just quality products, impeccable service, good beer and decent affordable drinks.

Strøm cocktail bar - one of hte best cocktail bars in CopenhagenPeople’s favorite: Strøm

Looking for a place to have good drinks in a loose and lively atmosphere? At Strøm you can sip a well-balanced cocktail while funky tunes from Earth Wind and Fire invite you to get the groove on and loosen up whatever tension built up through the week.


Jeppe Nothlev_bca-2017-winners-26Best Danish bartender: Jeppe Nothlev

Jeppe Nothlev from Helium cocktail bar in the center of Copnhagen has won numerous prizes this past year for his skill as a bartender. Among one he was crowned king of tequila when he won the global Tahona Society competition with his stunning cocktail Tahona Fizz.


Duck and Cover_bca-2017-best menu winnersBest cocktail menu: Duck and Cover

At Duck and Cover you’ll find a good selection of aquavit and the founder’s own import of cachaca! The menu is a generous mix of variations on classics and contemporary original creations like the Beetroot Basher and Cherry fizz. But the guys behind the bar surely know their aquavit – so make sure to get at least one of their own naughty Nordic creations!

Max Scott-industry improver-bca-2017-winnersMost noticable bar industry improver: Max Scott

Ask anyone in the bar industry in Copenhagen. Everyone knows Max Scott who has been the mastermind and operational muscle behind countless amazing industry events in the city. Currently Max works at Juul’s Vin & Spiritus and is one of the main engineers behind the comprehensive non-profit Drink Copenhagen City Map.

“There are so many amazing bartenders and bars in the Nordic countries and they all deserve attention and praise. When we as active bartenders created Bartenders’ Choice Awards in 2010 we wanted to create the most prestigious price for bars to strive for. Not a competition where one specific drink decides a winner but a price that celebrates the day to day grind and the importance of consistency that goes into running a great and successful bar.”

–       Joel Katzenstein, Co-founder Bartenders’ Choice Awards

Congrats to all the winners! Read about the category winners from the rest of the Nordic countries here. Find more amazing cocktail bars in Copenhagen here or stay tuned for more exciting updates by signing up for our newsletter.

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