Clarified Hemingway daiquiri from Balderdash - one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen, Photo by Alexander Banck Petersen, photographer for Cocktails of Copenhagen

Clarified Hemingway daiquiri

Clear as water. You wont believe until you see it!

Clears as water. You wont believe until you see it! This little cocktail wonder is made possible by the cocktail lab that Geoffrey Canilao runs at Balderdash.

Not much at Balderdash seems classical. However, much of the funky and original stuff that you find on the menu has its roots in the classics. As a matter of fact, that’s where Geoffrey looks for inspiration first. But as the case of this clarified Hemingway daiquiri shows, its always with a twist.

While living in Denmark Geoffrey learned to push traditional expectations of flavor profiles. And when he opened Balderdash he had a chance to take it further. Inspired by the Nordic food lab he started equipping a cocktail lab in the bar in order to experiment with original local flavors and new flavors all together.

Geoffrey wants to go as far as is possible and has an ambition to create a library of flavors. This is how the clarified Hemingway daiquiri came about (with the Danish Skotlander rum of course!). With the right instruments everything is possible. And with a rota vapor you can clarify a daiquiri making it look like a dry martini but maintaining the citric acid and sour taste profile characterizing it.

3.5 parts Skotlander Rum

1 part Marschino Liquor

2 parts Clarified Grapefruit Juice
Citric Acid

Peel of grapefruit for essence and discard

Serve straight up in a cocktail glass

The cocktail lab at Balderdash provides you with variables beyond shaken and stirred to choose among. Here you can get your Hemingway daiquiri clarified. And it tastes amazing like any you’ve ever tried before.

Please keep the lab cooking Geoffrey!

Alexander Banck Petersen

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.