Copenhagen Cocktail Week 2019

8 different spots to sample the city

For the second year in a row, Copenhagen Cocktail Week gathers the best bars of the city and offers their exclusive service and fabulous cocktails to the masses. Vouchers are 110 DKK, and will get you a festival special and a signature cocktail from the bar you visit. To finish it all off, Scandinavia’s largest gin festival is taking place from Friday to Sunday, with only a few tickets left.

Not all bars are signed up for the week, but all bars have something special to offer. From the no-skiing after-ski party to Valentine’s Day daiquiris, Copenhagen Cocktail Week guarantees that this year is bigger and better. If you’re not sure where to go, we’ve gathered a list of bars and experiences that may help guide you through the city and the week.


3 times the best.

Atmosphere is equally as (if not more) important to Danes as the cocktails themselves. Luckily, Gensyn bar in Frederiksberg won the award for “Best Atmosphere” in Denmark at the 2018 Bartender’s Choice Awards, making it the perfect spot for your first ever Copenhagen bar visit. If you’re lucky, you might also get to try Best Danish Cocktail of the year, served by – you guessed it – Best Bartender of the year, Terkel Kleist.

  • Festival cocktail: Tanqueray Ten G&T with Fentimans Connoisseurs tonic
  • Signature cocktail: Film Noir – Gin, Lillet Blanc, house/made Cola & Tonic syrup, lemon.

Kester Thomas

For the mature audience.

Kester Thomas caters to the mature audience, who appreciates a well thought concept. It’s easy to feel like you’ve simply got lost in your own living room, but don’t be fooled. This Champagne Bar offers more than comfort and Champagne. Grape has a spot in every single of their cocktails whether as Pisco, or champagne syrup. It’s also one of the only bars we know of that offers conscious drinkers a vegan sour, replacing egg white for aquafaba (aka bean water).

  • Festival cocktail: Ketel One Mule – Ketel One vodka and Fentimans Ginger Beer
  • Signature cocktail: Peruvian 75 – Pisco, lime, champagne syrup, Champagne


Let the monkey loose.

Brønnum - one of the best cocktail bars in CopenhagenMeet the Best Bar in Copenhagen 2018. Established by the team behind Ruby and Lidkoeb, Brønnum has its own individuality. A spot by the bar is the best place to take in the view of the wooden back bar in a dim red light. Yet these days, one might do better to venture out into the back to their Monkey47 Winter Lodge. With its own designated gin-based cocktail menu, the lodge is a paradise in Winter time.

As part of Copenhagen Cocktail Week offer, Brønnum serves ticket holders two cocktails for 100 DKK. Note that tickets are for specific time slots and do not count as table reservations.

  • Festival cocktail: Tanqueray Ten & Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic.
  • Signature cocktail: Chinese Whisper – Buffalo Trace, Danish Apple Wine, lemon juice and fermented gooseberry syrup.


Copenhagen’s crown jewel.

As the only Danish bar ever to be featured on the World’s 50 Best Bars-list, Ruby maintains a high status in the Danish cocktail scene. The interior is stylish and manages to mix Danish open space interior design with the classic speak-easy environment. During cocktail week, Ruby also plays host to one of two cocktail salons. For two nights only, paying visitors can enjoy a trip down gin lane and indulge in the history of “mother’s ruin”. Two gin-based cocktails are on offer, as well as the Cocktail Week 2-4-100 DKK special offer.

  • Festival cocktail: Tanqueray 10 & Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic
  • Signature cocktail: The Dark Side – Zacapa Edición Negra rum, Norliq Elberberry liqueur, Blackcardemom syrup, coffee & cocoa infused pastis and a touch of smokey whiskey.


Where both you and your parents would go.

One of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen: LidkoebAway from the city centre, situated in one of Copenhagen’s oldest buildings, lies Lidkoeb.With a Live DJ set on the ground floor and a whiskey bar tucked away in the attic, there’s a bit of the best for everyone. Though the outside remains the same as when it was built in 1886 to house a pharmacy, Lidkoeb invites thirsty guests in for a promise of fun and party.

As part of Copenhagen Cocktail Week offer, Lidkoeb serves ticket holders two cocktails for 100 DKK.

  • Festival cocktail: Zacapa Dark & Stormy – Zacapa 23 & Fentimans Ginger Beer
  • Signature cocktail: Flowers’n’Bubbles – Geranium Danish gin, Lillet Blanc, Rose & Szechuan pepper syrup, lashings of dry champagne.


Getting restless for aquavit?

What’s the one thing exceptional you expect to taste at a Scandinavian cocktail event? Aquavit, of course. The Nordic spirit that is slowly taking the world by storm. Since last year, Rastløs Akvavit bar has been 100% dedicated to promoting aquavit as more than just a Christmas shot. Guests are guaranteed a chill atmosphere, yet sophisticated cocktails based solely on aquavit. It is also one of the hot-spots in Copenhagen for fermented cocktails and condiments. Hop on down this week to Rastløs for their special “After not-ski evenings” this Wednesday and Thursday, where cocktails won’t cost you a fortune, and the huge selection of aquavit will make your week feel like smooth sailing. BONUS: they offer a free shot for anyone wearing ski goggles.


If Narnia had a speak-easy

Humberto Marques bartender and owner at Curfew - one of the best cocktail bars in CopenhagenThe founder of Curfew, Humberto Marques, took his career as bartender from Portugal to UK through France, and finally decided to try out Copenhagen in 2015. Since then, Curfew has been continuously delivering high standard cocktail in a Portuguese and Scandinavian style mix. The design is classy, with a speak-easy low-lit atmosphere. Yet, going in will be like entering Narnia through the wardrobe. Curfew is a treasure chest, consisting of endless stories, details and wonders morphed together.

In the midst of Cocktail Week, Curfew has chosen to host your Valentine’s Eve. Their Valentine’s Day special includes Strawberry and Mimosa Flower Daiquiris for just 100 DKK per cocktail.

Duck and Cover

Danish interior design and cocktails in one

Tina Rovåger from Duck and Cover - CopenhagenTake three steps down the stairs, and you’ve landed in your Danish grandfather’s designer living room. It’s Mad Men arriving in 1960s Copenhagen. Soft-melting leather sofas in multiple rooms helps to create a private, yet open atmosphere, where guests can really indulge in imbibing. For Cocktail Week, Duck and Cover will be particularly interesting to visit for those looking to explore new spirits.

On Wednesday, the bar will be hosting the release party for the new Havanna Club Pacto Navio rum. Expect twists on Cuban classics and agreeable prices.

Come Thursday, the rum will be switched with gin, and the plane will take you out of the Cuban heat and into the Scandinavian winter cold. To warm you up for the weekend’s Gin Festival, Stockholm’s Branneri will drop by and showcase their products – to be enjoyed neat, or in a cocktail.

All participating bars and offers can be found on The site can be viewed in both Danish and English. 

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