La Dolce Vita!

The main ingredient of this aperitivo from Salon 39 is an italian digestive with a 130 year old history, Amaro Montenegro.

Originally crafted by Stanislao Cobianchy, who instead of becoming a monk broke free from family expectations and went on a journey, traveling, exploring and tasting all the world had to offer.

His adventures took him to the Balkans, where he experienced an exuberant melting pot of cultures and ideas. Filled with inspiration, he returned to his hometown opening a distillery and pioneering an amaro that perfectly balances bitter and sweet flavours. Making a grand gesture, Stanislao dedicated the name to Princess Elena of Montenegro.

The distinctive bottle soon appeared in bars, cafes and homes across Italy. As their moto suggests, it “Mixes well with others”, so much so, that it became not only an icon in Italy, but is often found in cocktail recipes and even in cookies.

The recipe was originally kept with strict secrecy by the monks who produced it, combining more than 40 herbs and roots. Thus they believed that this amaro had supernatural powers that surpassed the ones of a digestive.

Diplomacy low ABV cocktail from Salon 39Diplomacy

50 ml Amaro Montenegro

Top with Copenhagen Sodas Rose Hib Lemonade

(rose and hibiscus)

Garnish: fresh Mint

The Rosehip soda in Diplomacy is the product of a cooperation between the two owners of Salon 39 and Sprit and Co. It blends subtle tones of rose petals and hibiscus flowers. Fresh, floral and breezy, it’s the perfect companion to amaro Montenegro.

A final touch, to round off the bitter – sweet taste and floral notes, is a luscious amount of crisp, fresh mint, tying in unison everything with finesse, making it light and savoury. Such a treat for a summer evening?!

As we are about to taste it, the last sunbeams illuminate the glass, making the warm tones spark bright against the contrast of the green mint. Our palette is certainly feeling open. Our taste buds are tickled and our juices are flowing.

Aaah, La Dolce Vita!

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Martina Krajacik
Divinizing matter and man on the quest for the universal elixir. I love the dance between taste, colours, textures, smells, sounds, where each element can be distinguished, yet reinforced by another. Balance and know-how are important when creating something which should be experienced as magical or enchanting. As a former enthusiast and creator of perfumes, I love being intrigued and enchanted by well thought-through conconctions.