Espresseo Martinez from Atze Penge cocktail bar in Copenhagen

Espresso Martinez

A respectful twist on a classic

When the Bartender’s Choice Awards “Best Danish Signature Cocktail 2018” nomination included Anže Pihler’s Espresso Martinez, some people had to do a double take. We immediately headed to Atze Peng.

The Espresso Martini has been a talking point in the bar industry for quite a while. Love it or hate it, almost every bartender has their opinion on it, every bar has its own twist on it and yes – it’s basically liquid candy. All those thoughts vanished when Anže was done stirring the Martinez and presented it in an art-deco inspired coupette.

Espresseo Martinez from Atze Penge cocktail bar in Copenhagen30ml Jensen’s Old Tom Gin
50ml Drapo Tuvè
15ml Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
60ml Charged Cold Brew Coffee (Dark roast Arabica – Lavazza Classico)*

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass and strain into a chilled coupette. No garnish needed.

*The coffee is measured immediately after being charged from a pressurized bottle, including the crema. After settling, the amount of coffee is lower.

Very simple presentation – no garnish necessary, just an inviting scent of coffee enticing you to take a sip. The sweet, Maraschino-powered nose compliments the subtle start of the drink. None of the ingredients takes over from the start, it’s more of a subtle harmony between the Old Tom Gin, delicious Torino vermouth and coffee.

Anze Philer from Atze PengAll the ingredients are bonding around the main star of the drink, Drapo Tuvè. The gin enhances the sweet and slightly herbal notes, Maraschino brings out the roundness, while the coffee delivers an exciting chocolate hint and nice dose of acidity that balances the cocktail to perfection.

An ode to a classic, the drink is a well thought out twist that respects each ingredient and its origin. The Italian trace in vermouth and liqueur is followed with their local style of coffee, while the old tradition of Jensen’s Old Tom Gin is complimented by the exclusive and carefully crafted Drapo.

Overall, the Espresso Martinez is a respectful twist on a classic that will entice cocktail newcomers and thrill cocktail oldies. So if your Martinez is always a tiny bit too short and gets a little boring, Atze Peng has the perfect solution for you.

This article was co-written with Miriam Gradel. Photo by Alexander Banck-Petersen.

The Espresso Martinez is nominated as best Danish signature cocktail 2018 among four other delicious local drinks for the upcoming Bartender’s Choice Awards. Nominated are also Ama’r Colada and Across the Equator from Duck and CoverRapscallion from Ruby and Walnut Brown from Gensyn

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