Butcher, reastaurant AND bar…

Copenhagen is overflowing with exciting and delicious restaurants, and selecting one for a night out becomes harder by the week as new ones continue to pop up. To reduce complexity and slim your choices, consider going for the restaurants that also have a great bar! Fleisch is one of those places. In fact, it is a 3-in-1: butcher, restaurant and cocktail bar on the same location! Believe it or not, there are several synergies in this mix.

The concept at Fleisch is that you can come in and buy meat as you would from a regular butcher, you can sit down for a dinner and order several smaller dishes for yourself or for sharing, or you can hang out in the bar with Jesper Wissing and the rest of the bar staff. If you’re even more adventurous, you can get an interesting experience by mixing the cocktails with your dinner!

With both a butcher and a kitchen in-house, there’s rich opportunity for the bar crew to experiment with the tastes created there. The crew in the bar at Fleisch are adamant about experimenting with these opportunities, being true to the fact that they are both a bar and a restaurant. And so, you will find them using the umami tastes from the butcher, the fresh ingredients from the kitchen and seasonal ingredients from the garden. This of course also means that you may not be able to get your Rosehip Sour in the winther – but you’ll get it now, and it’s delicious because it’s all fresh! That is, unless it’s been inspired by the butcher, then it’s hard to categorize as “fresh” – but it’s delicious and exciting none the less. A great example of this is two variations on the old fashioned: Their bacon Infused Old Fashioned or a variant served over a large cube of smoked water with  Peychaud bitters in a glass washed with peated whisky. Both are drinks any cocktail enthusiast will enjoy.

So the next time you need a great dinner (really – try the tartare with smoked bone marrow mayo or the croquettes of pork, or even the dried ox heart used as parmesan!) make sure you can pair it with a great cocktail. Fleisch is a good place to start!

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Martin Millard
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