Greta Garbo - a seducing aquavit cocktail from Strøm cocktail bar in Copenhagen

Greta Garbo

A sophisticated Swedish lady dressed in pink

Don’t like Aquavit? This peachy baby, draped in pink fruityness and lush green herbs from STRØM will make you change your mind!

In it you’ll meet the fresh kick of dill and citrus from the Swedish Aquavit peeping out from behind a velvet mask of white peach and apricot. The rich, yet crispy, sweetnees of the white peach and apricot pairing is the perfect opponent for the pungent dill flavours, the zingy citrus and the woody aromas of the Peychauds bitter.

Besides the wood Peychauds bitters offer a delicate, sweet floral body, bitter roots of gentiana and notes of anise which gives you a sensation of fresh pepperish basil on the tongue. So what you got in your glass of Greta Garbo is a foxy and fiesty lady with both kick and warmth, sweetness and freshness. – What’s not to like?

Greta Garbo - a sedusing aquavit cocktail from Strøm cocktail bar in Copenhagen50 ml O.P. Anderson Aquavit
15 ml Peach & Apricot Mix (White peach puree mixed with Apricot brandy)
15 ml Lemon juice
Dash of sugar
3 Dashes of Peychauds Bitters

Shake with ice and pour it straight up into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a large Genovese Basil leaf to melt in with the anise flavour.

This cocktail is the perfect introduction to the world of aquavit in cocktails for those a bit hesitant or even for the reluctant ones. It’s designed and perfectly balanced for the ones new to aquavit cocktails. – And actually it turns out that everybody loves it, even the ones who thought they really wouldn’t. – The only problem is gettin people to pick it from the menu when it says aquavit – so at STRØM you’ll meet it cleverly disguised as ’brændevin’, and then there’s no problem at all.

This one is for the ladies and gentlemen who appreciate a cocktail with an attitude, wrapped in smooth velvet. It’s a fine serving of the Swedish O.P. Anderson aquavit in a posh and well dressed cocktail just like the Swedish Hollywood star from whom it has its name.

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Mia Lindegaard