Hr. Urth Sort Taffel

Small batch aquavit from Copenhagen Distillery

This small batch Danish taffel aquavit is distilled and hand bottled at Copenhagen Distillery in batches of 200 bottles by Sune Urth. Having managed the bar at Ruby cocktail bar and currently serving as cocktail wizard for the two starred Michelin restaurant AOC and it’s littlesister No.2, Sune has been working with aquavit behind the bar for many years. Sune is what you might call an aquavit evangelist. So much so, that he is extending his writing career (he’s already written “Cocktails for hjemmebryggere”) with a book dedicated to the spirit coming out spring 2017. Sune is intrigued by aquavit because most young Danes sadly have developed an aversion to the alcohol. We tend to drink it ice cold in magnificent plentitude as fast as possible and associate it with terrible hangovers we would rather forget. Who would not grow up to dislike such a drinking ritual?

Sune Urth and Henrik Brinks from Copenhagen Distillery

Sune Urth and Henrik Brinks

Sune wants reclaim aquavit from the claws of remembrance and honor the cultural heritage that it represents. After having promoted aquavit as an interesting and unique Scandinavian product for many years, with his “Sort Taffel” (Black Taffel) Sune finally put his own name on a label.

Taffel aquavits are clear aquavits with a strong caraway flavor profile. Sune’s Black Taffel accentuates the citrus characteristics of the caraway seeds and reveals notes of mint and licorice. The spirit is distilled from Danish sugar beets from Lolland which provides a grassy sugar sweet aspect to the aquavit.


The black Taffel is a wonderful small batch result of the passionate micro distilling that goes on at Copenhagen Distillery. If you’re an aquavit enthusiast it’s best enjoyed in a long stemmed glass at room temperature. If you prefer an easy way to enjoy it as flavor addition to a cold drink enjoy it over ice with tonic and a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon.

For ideas on how to use Sune’s Black Taffel in cocktails download our free ebook on aquavit cocktails.

Aquavit Cocktails Ebook

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