Italian Milkshake from Gensyn - one of the best bars in Copenhagen

Italian Milkshake

Warning: Guilty pleasure risk!

The Grasshopper is a drink that divides bartenders into two camps. But whether they love it or hate it, most know how to tweek it into something really good. The addition of Fernet Branca has been known for many years, but Terkel from Gensyn has taken it to a whole new level.

The first thing missing from the controversial classic is a solid spirit base. A cocktail that is already well on the sweet side needs something to cut through the sweetness but without fighting it off. That’s where Plantation Dark Rum comes into play. Despite its fairly pronounced flavour, it doesn’t overtake the liqueurs in the mix, but it packs a solid punch.

The classic Grasshopper ingredients are maintained, although the Creme de Menthe is toned down and the cream is taken to new levels of deliciousness. We’ve ventured into guilty pleasure zone, so why not use vanilla cream specifically made for milkshakes? This creates a thick consistency which is guaranteed to bring all the boys to the yard.

Italian Milkshake from Gensyn - one of the best bars in Copenhagen 10 cl Milkshake Vanilla Cream
5 cl Italian Milkshake mix*

*Italian milskahe mix:
150 cl plantation dark rum

120 cl crème de cacao
42 cl Crème de menthe
42 cl Fernet Branca
0,5 cl olive oil

Blend for about 10 seconds or until a desired consistency is reached

Garnish: Caramelized marshmallow and black lava salt

(to get a great crust on the marshmallow, cool it down on crushed ice right after burning it)

A little bit of olive oil and Fernet Branca, the ultimate adult milkshake ingredient, brings the concert to a climax. And now that we’re at it: If you are ever missing something in your cocktail, it’s probably Fernet Branca (totally unbiased and objective personal opinion).

The black lava salt garnish provides a nice colour contrast to the drink. The best thing about it however is that some of it will sink to the bottom and patiently wait to deliver an extremely delicious last sip.

Although the salt and Fernet Branca are the most pronounced flavors it’s not hard to pick up on the other ingredients. It’s a perfect mix between sweet and salty that will make you want way more than what is good for your BMI…

My personal rule? Never visit Gensyn without getting one of these bad boys!

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