Kester Club cocktail by Erwan Le Bonniec from Kester Thomas

Kester Club

Three basic rules and zero waste

Kester Club is our interpretation of the Clover Club, a pre-prohibition cocktail created in 1896 in a Philadelphia men’s club of the same name.

Based on gin mixed with lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white, this classic cocktail is more oriented for a female crowd but was actually created for a men’s club, quite a funny paradox!

At Kester Thomas we’re focusing on grape-based ingredients and sustainability behind the bar. Just as the original Clover Club, the Kester Club cocktail is based on gin and raspberry but with a grape twist added; Pinot Noir Ratafia produced by an independent winegrower from Champagne.

Ratafia is a traditional French liqueur based on the waste of pressed grapes used to make wine or champagne. Pinot Noir grape has a lot of berries notes so it pairs perfectly with our homemade raspberry cordial.

This specific raspberry cordial is made of fresh raspberries, sugar and citric acid instead of lemon juice to reduce the waste of citrus fruit behind the bar. We’re also using homemade champagne syrup to reduce our champagne waste and chickpea water instead of egg white. Chickpea water is usually wasted in the restaurant industry but it is a perfect vegan substitute to egg white in cocktails. To stay sustainable with a zero waste policy, we are using the chickpeas to make hummus to serve to our guests.

Kester Club cocktail by Erwan Le Bonniec from Kester Thomas40ml Beefeater Dry Gin
20ml Pinot Noir Ratafia
30ml Raspberry Cordial
10ml Champagne Syrup
10ml Aquafaba (Chickpea water)

Put ingredients in a shaker, dry shake then add ice and shake again.

Strain into a Nick & Nora martini glass and spread raspberry powder over a Kester Club stencil logo 😉

Clover Club was more than a cocktail and the storytelling behind the men’s club inspired me to create my own cocktail club called “Kester Club”. The Kester Club represents the other side of the Kester Thomas double concept: wine & champagne bar during the day and cocktail bar at night! Like the notorious Fight Club, we also have established Kester Club rules:

Rule 1 – Don’t talk about Kester Club!

Rule 2 – If you do, share only with your best friends!

Rule 3 – If not, never ever talk about Kester Club!!!

If you would like to experience the Kester Club Cocktail bar, come by Friday and Saturday from 23.00 from the 19th of May, see you there!

Kester Club cocktail by Erwan Le Bonniec from Kester Thomas

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Erwan Le Bonniec
After 12 years experience in the service industry as a bartender/bar manager in restaurants, cocktail bars, and clubs, I recently finished my Bachelor degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Today I'm the Managing Partner of a Wine and Champagne cocktail bar in the heart of Copenhagen.