Margarita Highball

Margarita Highball

No fuzz just simple quality ingredients

Everyone loves a margarita. And for good reason – with a good tequila all you need is lime and a little sweetener. No fuzz just simple quality ingredients balanced well.

At the Barking Dog you find a huge selection of quality tequila and mezcal. In fact the bar is well known for its niche focus on these Central American spirits and its Mexican vibe. So this is the place in Copenhagen to get your margarita! But owner Carl Wrangel also loves to twist the classics and he particularly loves long drinks so of course the margarita is offered in a “highball” version. It can best be described as a tequila with lemonade.

3,5 cl ocho tequila blanco
1 cl lime juice
2,5 lime cordial (sugar stirred with juice and zest from lime, lemon and grape)

Build in the glass and serve in half a ocho bottle with a lime wedge as garnish.

This is a “round and long” margarita and a wonderful way to enjoy a distinct quality tequila like the ocho blanco. It will quench your thirst without pumping too much alcohol in your system. The lime cordial is made with lime, lemon and grape to give the citrus flavor full throttle which actually enhances the lime flavor.

This is as Barking Dog as it gets!

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Margarita Highball from the Barking Dog



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