Of sun and earth

If you love a good negroni but also appreciate a funky nudge beyond your usual comfort zone this crossbreed might be just what you’re looking for!

This cocktail is born out of pure stubbornness and cared for with all of those little quirky twists and experiments that spells Balderdash all over it.

Geoffrey Canilao owner of Balderdash - one of the best bars in Copenhagen, Photo by Alexander Banck Petersen, photographer for Cocktails of Copenhagen“This cocktail came about without a direct conceptual inspiration. It was just being stubborn in trying to make sugar beet, black walnut and rum work together.” – Geoffrey Canilao, owner of Balderdash

Sugar beets, walnuts and rum sound like a funky pairing, and according to Geoffrey it took quite some trial and error to find the missing ingredient that would make it work.

But often hard work pays off, and with Balderdash’s own homemade rose-seaweed perfume it all blended together perfectly, and the MesoAmerica was ready to rule the World.

“The key to unlocking the drink wasn’t the ratio or taste but the aroma . The perfume brought the whole cocktail together to be drank from the first sip to the last.” – Geoffrey Canilao

The MesoAmerica plays with the entire palete. You get the bitterness of the classic negroni, but delivered from the sugar beet snaps and the black walnut bitters.

The sugar beet snaps produced by Sune Risum-Urth from Copenhagen Distillery is an earthy and pungent mixture with both sweet, bitter and sour notes that brings depth and layers to the cocktail.

3 Parts Zacapa Rum
3 Parts Natural Port wine
1 Part Sugar beet Snaps
1 Part Argala black walnut bitters

All ingredients are stirred, served over rock ice in a tumbler glass, garnished with grated black charcoal lime and finally sprayed with rose-seaweed perfume.

MesoAmerica combines the tastes of Northern soils and seas with sun infused rum and port. Together it’s all transformed  into purple liquid gold.

The cocktail is brilliantly finshed off in an intriguing veil of raw salty seaweed and gentle rose aromas from the perfume mist sprayed on top.

This is a cocktail that offers both instant satisfaction and the yearning to explore further.

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Mia Lindegaard