Mrs. Perkins Paper Plane from FORM bar in Copenhagen

Mrs. Perkins Paper Plane

Bitter sweet amaro love

To date this cocktail is the best seller at FORM bar. Bar manager Christian Tang would order himself if he had the leisure to visit his own bar as a guest.

I will definitely order it again next time I visit – no doubt about it. This is one darn tasty twist on the modern classic Paper Plane cocktail!

Christian tried to make it with three different gins before settling on the Danish Herbie Gin which made it work.

The drink doesn’t contain much sugar – and so requires a quality spirit as there’s no sweet cover to hide behind. The spiced profile of Herbie Gin passes the test beautifully.

The Herbie destillate containing juniper, apples, orange peel, lavender, rosmary, coriander seeds, licorice and cloves has enough character to punch through the yuzu and enough elegance not to need a sugar coating.


Mrs. Perkins Paper Plane from FORM bar in Copenhagen2.2cl Herbie Gin
2.2cl Coya Yuzu
2.2cl Amaro Mondino
2.2cl White grapefruit juice
0.4ml Citric acid (33% water solution)

Shaken with ice and served up in a cocktail glass. Sprayed with an all spice perfume for aromatic finish.

The bitter sweet Mondino combines well with the intese aroma of the yuzu. The all spice perfume enhances the aromatic qualities of the Herbie spices and the batural perfume of the bitter white grapefruit.

This is a feminine and floral version of a negroni for all bitter amaro lovers.

If you like this you might also want to try out Lidkoeb’s take on the paper plane cocktail.

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Mrs. Perkins Paper Plane from FORM bar in Copenhagen - Christian Tang

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