Explore the frontier of aquavit wrapped in maritime Copenhagen

Right on the edge of the Copenhagen canal board walk and just opposite the Royal Library “The Black Diamond” you find the Nordic bistro and bar No2. No2 opened in June 2014 and is the little sister to the critically acclaimed restaurant AOC.

Framed by the panoramic windows of the Bistro you literally feel like you’re wrapped in Copenhagen. It’s an absolutely stunning location. With the sea way artery just outside the windows and lots of sea food on the menu, you feel like you tap into the maritime maritime history of the city when you step inside.

The bar is the first thing you see just a cross the entrance. This is the play ground of bar manager Sune Urth, long time bartender at Ruby and partner in Copenhagen Distillery. The bar menu look’s like the menu of the bistro – no funky names just a sober description of what’s in every cocktail. And that’s on purpose. The concept of the bar is designed to match the concept of the bistro. For this reason Sune regularly discuss techniques and taste pairings with the kitchen. It’s a collaboration he enjoys as he has a deep respect for the many years of training in taste, technique and raw ingredients that chefs go through. The results of this cross polination are many. Among others the 150 liters of mead aging in the basement…

A common denominator of the bistro and bar is that everything has to be in season. This doesn’t mean that you’ll find a regular seasonal menu -it’s more dynamic than that. For instance you’ll find strawberry combinations during summer, but only for the two weeks when they are absolutely fantastic. This love for seasonal changes has also manifested in Sunes recent book: Cocktails for home brewers – Mr. Urth’s fluid almanac.

Another defining characteristic of the bar is aquavit. Sune allows only two cocktails on the menu to be without aquavit at any given time. This is pretty radical but really interesting. For Sune it’s a fun challenge, because most young Danes have an ambivalent relation to aquavit to say the least, as is the case of tequila. But it’s more than that – its about honoring our Scandinavian cultural heritage and bringing aquavit into the 21st century. An amazing example of how this can be done is No2’s Green Old Fashioned.

So are you looking for a place with a view to enjoy a good dinner and some bulls eye cocktails No2 is the place to go. Try a barrel aged negroni on Nordguld aquavit, the “Green Old Fashioned”, the house punch or “coffe and cherries” with the Mexican Coffee Liqueur from Copenhagen Distillery. Stop by the bar before or after dinner and have a chat with Sune about the unique qualities of aquavit and you’ll be all set for a fantastic evening!

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.