Noche De Rabanos - craft cocktail from Chihuahua Julep in Helsinki. Photo by Mika Levalampi.

Noche De Rabanos

Best signature cocktail in Finland?

The Bartenders Choice Awards recently released their nominees for Finland Which made me really want to write about the most awesome cocktail I had on my last trip to Helsinki.

The cocktail of course is “Noche De Rabanos” – one of the nominees for the best signature cocktail in Finland, created by Jami Jarvinen one of the nominees for best bartender in Finland, in Chihuahua Julep, a bar that is nominated for the best new cocktail bar, the best atmosphere and the best cocktail menu in Finland. Pretty impressive stuff.

Noche De Rabanos - craft cocktail from Chihuahua Julep in Helsinki. Photo by Mika Levalampi.Chihuahua Julep marks itself as an “Agave friendly cocktail bar” so it makes sense that their signature cocktail would also use agave spirits. Staying true to the Nordic location though, they mix it with cranberry. Balancing the whole thing with white chocolate, cloudberry, elderflower, lemon and Spanish bitters.

2cl Derrumbes Michoagan Mezcal (White Chocolate washed and fatwashed)
2cl Bertina Cloudberry & Elderflower liqueur
12cl Homemade Cranberry Cordial
1cl Lemon
2 dashes of Dr. Elmegirab’s Spanish Bitters

Shaken, served over rock ice in an antique wine glass and garnished with red currants.

Jami Järvinen, owner of Chihuahua Julep in Helsinki. Photo by Mika Levalampi.If I was to describe Jarvinen’s cocktails in general with just one word, it would be balanced. This really shows in Noche De Rabanos too.

It is a funky mix of flavors from opposite sides of the world, but the flavors are entwined together in such a beautiful balance that it blends into one. Even the thick mouthfeel enhances the experience filling the mouth with flavor and leaving a long aftertaste of sour freshness from berries and citrus, depth and smokiness from mezcal and bitters and sweetness of white chocolate and elderflower.

If you are in Helsinki any time in the near future, I can highly recommend popping by in Chihuahua Julep and ordering a Noche De Rabanos of your own before the menu is changed again for a new season. All though I’m pretty sure the next time I visit Helsinki, the new menu won’t disappoint either.

Read Karoliina’s piece on Chihuahua Julep here. All photos in this article are by Mika Levalampi

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